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What is going on?

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I was told

"Lucelleann at 14:05, Jan 2:
I understand. I'll include this information on the complaint documentation. As explained above, this matter will be raised to our higher management for further assistance in processing your request to receive a deadlock letter. You may expect an update within 3-5 working days."


I have had no update and im waiting for my deadlock letter.

Can someone explain the delay please?


Here is another thread explaining whats gone on.


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After being told the only way i can request my deadlock letter was on the phone someone emailed me telling me they would get back to me within 5 working days.


This is what they sent me today:


Response By Email (Dhanasagree2) (14/01/2020 01.06 PM)

Thank you for contacting us about your complaint. You have requested for a dead lock letter to be sent out to you.

I have updated your complaint for you and the reference number is 1-**************0.

To resolve your complaint, I would like to advise you that we have received feedback from our higher management team in relation to your complaint.

Kindly note that we are unable to issue a deadlock letter as we have waived off the late payment fee which was the reason for your complaint. A deadlock letter is sent out if we are unable to reach an outcome to your complaint.

I do acknowledge that you have advised us that you did not make a late payment as you were advised that you should do a bank transfer. Kindly note that the addition of the late payment fee to your bill is a part of our billing process and we are unable to change this.

As you were not liable for the fee, it was then waived for you. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

Due to the inconvenience caused, we will be able to offer you a credit of £10 as a goodwill gesture for you. This credit will be used towards your bill.

Please reply to this e-mail to confirm you are happy to accept this resolution, so I can go ahead and apply it for you.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 1720 088 quoting your complaint reference number. We are open 7 days a week: 8am - 8pm. If we do not hear from you within the next 28 days, I will take the action proposed and we will close your complaint.

You can find a copy of our Customer Complaints Code on our website at

TalkTalk is a member of the alternative dispute resolution scheme CISAS (


Dhunasagree Munsami
Your TalkTalk Team


This is my reply:

Higher management??

My complaint is about my bad treatment from customer care and not just having a late fee what i was told by talktalk i would not get.
Hours (over 20) on the phone for no reason and being lied to by talktalk and getting my connection cut is my main complaint.

How can you waive off a late fee payment when i was not late paying?
I followed talktalk instructions and made the payment on time.
How can you charge me a late fee payment when i can prove in a court of law that the talktalk operator told me i wont get charged a late payment fee for doing a transfer as your website was down and the cash went out of my bank 10 mins after talking with the talktalk OP.

My complaint is about how talktalk cut off my phone and then harassed me for 2 months for the payment i had already made.
Its also including trying to get my deadlock letter what talktalk is making impossible for me to do.

You state i am not liable for the fee!!!!!!!!
Now you tell me you wont give me my deadlock letter cos you waived a fee im not liable for!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will now wait the 8 weeks and put in my complaints to every where i can.



Just posting this here so others can see how useless talktalk really are.

I will now just wait the 8 weeks then put in my complaints at every level i can and im looking forward to trying out a different ISP with hopefully a lot less stress.


Thank you to the people who took the time to help me 🙂


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I left Talk Talk over 5 years ago when I moved house and closed the account. I have NEVER NEVER missed any payments in my life and I was turned down for a new mortgage due to and unknowingly TALK TALK outstanding amount on my EXPERIAN credit report from 5 years ago!

I knew nothing of this and it is completely false but can I get through to anyone to get this removed???? Nobody knows anything about it, nobody can help me as account closed 5 years ago and they can't find the account.

I have been on the phone for hours and hours speaking to people with poor ENGLISH, managers have called me back and still unable to sort out!!!!


I will be taking legal action against TALK TALK and this is outrageous and the reason I left them was because of their dreadful service and this has continued.


I have screenshot my report no adverse accounts but 1 in my whole working life



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I have, myself - emailed - on 04/01/2020 and received no response (so much for the 72 hour response time)

So - as I said - your best way forwards is to email the CEO herself or start a complaint using RESOLVER or similar......

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@Weevie the ceoexec address will not get a response  @MrBloff please follow the official address


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Thank you Weevie.

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Mr Bloff,

If you have not got the email for the CEO's office - it is

CEO herself is tristia.harrison

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How am i trolling when i am doing what i read to do from here?


I will be leaving talktalk and will be putting in complaints at every level i can.


How has talktalk tried to help me?  They havent they have yet again taken a small problem and made it a huge problem.


I will also be sending the fee to talktalk to reclaim any data they have on me under the data protection act to prove to others how bad talktalk is.

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@MrBloff wrote:


I want to leave talktalk asap as i really can not handle the stress of all this. Its been going on for 2 months now and its making me sick.


I want to know whats the quickest way i can leave talktalkso you can not strees me out anymore.


I will be putting in complaints at every level i can.

Yes clearly this incident is making you really stressed and sick. 🤔


You asked for the quickest way to leave which you have been given yet you keep choosing to ignore the good advice you have been given.


You clearly don't help yourself.


Happy trolling.

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I am not complaining  to get cash. 


I dont want cash i just want to be able to put in my complaint so that its registered somewhere how bad talktalk really is.


When its all done im going to put a open letter on Reddit and show all the evidence on how i have been treated (including posting here)


I have stated that i dont want anything other to leave talktalk and never have anything to do with them and their terrible customer care.



Also talktalk have not offerd to refund the late fee they have charged me (even tho i can prove in a law of court i was not late paying it)

They tried to act like they was doing me a favor and giving me 12.50 as a courtesy for hassling me for 2 months. 

There is a big difference.

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@AllyM , I agree with what you say, @MrBloff  does not seem to actually know what he wants !


@MrBloff , why don't you just accept the refund, escalate your complaint to the CEO office and ask them for some compensation before you leave.


The CISAS process could take another couple of months AFTER you wait the 8 weeks to get a deadlock letter.


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I'm sorry but that still makes no sense.

You need to have an aim for what you want to get out of the process.


If you get your dealdlock letter and put in a complaint to CISAS, what do you expect to get out of that? They aren't just some body who register complaints, their whole mission is to arrive at a resolution for disputes. Their adjudicator will review the evidence provided by both parties and make a recommendation on how much money, if any, they think TalkTalk should pay you as a remedy to resolve the dispute. From what I recall, you have refused TalkTalk's offer to refund the late payment fee and you have previously said that you don't want any other compensation from them over the incident, so from what I can see no judgement CISAS can make would be satisfatory to you, so what's the point in taking the case to them?



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Thats not cutting a story short.

To cut it short.

Talktalk cut my connection and harassed me for 2 months due to a missed payment what was not missed and paid on time by following talktalks instructions.
I am leaving talktalk and want to put in a complaint about how bad they are.
I dont want nothing from talktalk other then my deadlock letter.

I am now going to put it in writing and post it to talktalk as recorded delivery then when they ignore me for 8 weeks i will then be able to put in my complaint.

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@Arne-TalkTalk wrote:

Even if you refuse to speak to us for 8 weeks and CISAS do take the case, the response which we submit will show a lack of co-operation, which could be detrimental to whatever outcome you are asking for.  

I think the biggest part of the problem, Arne, is trying to understand what outcome the OP is actually looking for.


To cut a long story short, from his previous thread, the issue concerns a disputed late payment fee which TalkTalk have since offered to refund. However, he is refusing to accept the refund so what he actually hopes to get out of any further complaint or legal action is quite hard to fathom.

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@MrBloff , @Arne-TalkTalk  advised you what to do in post #25 !


Get those dialling fingers moving !




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I would just like to confirm no one at talktalk will communicate with me via email or online chat and will only assist me if i speak to someone on the phone?



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I am not refusing to communicate with talktalk!

I am refusing to waste any more of my time trying to speak to someone on the phone as i KNOW its pointless.

Can you tell me if it is illegal to record a phone call with talktalk? That is the only way i will have a phone conversation so i can prove how bad your customer care is as i have been lied to many times on the phone. Been told things then been told by another talktalk OP that i was not told that when i was.

What ever Ferguson.... im rude cos i asked dos he drink and post cos hes done nothen but try to troll me? (its all in black and white)



EDIT: I used google and found this


I will do this as a last resort.  


I would just like to confirm no one at talktalk will communicate with me via email or online chat and will only assist me if i speak to someone on the phone?

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MrBloff, In response to your reply to me.. 


The complaint managers clearly believe they can resolve this issue.


Cases to CISAS are not free, TalkTalk are charged for each case, this is why we have 8 weeks to resolve your issue. Even if you refuse to speak to us for 8 weeks and CISAS do take the case, the response which we submit will show a lack of co-operation, which could be detrimental to whatever outcome you are asking for.  


My advice is to call the number and speak to the manager and if your a still not satisfied ask for your complaint to be escalated to the CEO's office. 



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@MrBloff wrote:

I have not had a email from a CEO then i guess...


How do i get a email from a CEO?

@MrBloff  you now grovel to @Arne-TalkTalk  and ask them politely to escalate your complaint to the CEO office, which is in the UK.


@MrBloff  you are rapidly pushing me towards my fridge full of LEO beer.....

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They don't take Direct Debits on the WRONG day, they take it on or immediately after the day as advised in your bill !


It does not come as a surprise if you can be bothered to read your billing email or letter.


Have you ACTUALLY got an open complaint with the CEO office ?


No, I am not drinking, but you seem incapable of understanding or taking advice.


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In the face of being offered helpful advice which you are not prepared to accept you have decided to become rude and abusive. I have reported your behaviour accordingly. No more from me.