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What's the difference between my current package and new ones that justifies the price difference?

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I have received an email telling me that my current contract is shortly ending and giving me some options. Apart from doing nothing and getting fleeced, I can:  "Renew your Fibre Broadband Average download speeds of 38Mb/s",  which will cost me  "£27 a month for 24 months, includes line rental" By doing this I will "continue to get totally unlimited broadband"


If I scroll down to the small print, I see that there are some other offers hiding in there. One of which is called Fibre 35, where I learn that  "This plan has fibre broadband with average speeds of 38Mb/s." Sound familiar? However this will cost me "£23.50 per month for 24 month contract" No mention of line rental or unlimited downloading though.


If I scroll down even further to the Fibre speeds section it says "Unlimited Fibre 35 Broadband".


Can I safely assume that the Fibre 35 package is totally unlimited in terms of how much I can download each month like my existing package? And that it includes line rental?


And if so, what is difference between my current package and the Fibre 35 package that justifies the price difference?


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Hi Doobrie,


Thank you.


To confirm, there is no difference with the Faster Fibre and Fibre 35 plan, we have just changed the name. Our plans also have no data caps. 


The email explains your contract is coming to an end, if you don't want to enter into a new agreement, the plan will revert to the standard price of £33.95. However, you do have the option to enter into a new agreement with us on our Fibre 35 plan at a reduced cost of £23.50.




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@Doobrie Just to answer a couple of the other questions you asked originally: yes, all broadband packages include unlimited downloads; and yes all broadband package costs are inclusive of line rental. 

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@Doobrie , Basically TalkTalk no longer sell the "Faster Fibre" package which you are on. If you renew they will put you on one of the currently available packages. Fibre35 is the same package you are on now just with a new name. (Fibre65 is the new name for the old Faster Fibre with speed boost).


Many areas of TalkTalk's website, My Account, Service Centre etc don't work the way they should and/or show incorrect information. I suspect the different price you see in My Account is just another screw up.

Personally I wouldn't trust or click on any online offer. I would suggest you contact the Loyalty Team by phone or live chat as @Gliwmaeden2 has already advised, to discuss renewal.


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Hi Jo,

Here is my email



However, if I go to my account and view the offers available to me, it says £27 for the same package.


existing contract.jpg

In order to find the Fibre35, I have to click on the small print link at the bottom, and I was curious to know what the difference is between the two contracts.

Thanks for response,




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Hi Doobrie,


Can you send over a screenshot of the email you received, please as I can then advise further?





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Phone 03451 720046 or use Chat, after 9am, @Doobrie.


Staff on the forum can't set up contract renewals. 


It is also worth checking out competitive prices to back up your argument. Just haggle for the lower price. 


Make sure there are no hidden extras. 


Line rental is ALWAYS included in the given price, and has been for several years. 


Read the Ts&Cs ( linked at the foot of any page). You can clarify these with the agent when you contact Talktalk. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.