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When you sell a guaranteed price contract with no mid-contract rises, stick to it!

Time for a change
First Timer
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I signed up for 24months, which is not an inconsiderable length of time, at a guaranteed price with no 'sneaky' mid-contract price rises (mentioned twice in the intro letter). Only to find 6 months in that you now are going to enact a 'sneaky' mid-contract price rise.


Not only that but you are still advertising a cheaper price on your website and leaflets through my door than you will be rising my price to?!!!


I'm sure someone did the sums and figured the amount of people they would lose vs the amount that will pay the increase was worth it, but to me that shows there is no loyalty. You get what you give.


After 6 years with you I am now leaving. I just hope I am not going to get charged an early cancellation fee which I keep getting letters and emails about. They do say 'estimated' but they are clearly designed to worry me into staying. It's not hard to link the data to my account and see that you can't charge me for that as you've broken the contract, you even state it in a email to me. fingers crossed you don't take what isn't yours as I can't get through to speak to anyone either on-line or the phone.


Support Team
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HI Time for a change


Sorry that the decision to end our fixed price promise has led you to leave, have you spoken to the loyalty team so that they can waive the cancellation fee?  


If you haven't spoken to them, the fee may be applied and will need to be manually removed. If that happens you can post on this thread and we can do it for you.