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Why am I still being charged my OLD contract?

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My old contract was 'Essentials TV Access Everything with Fibre' which came in at close to £50 every  month. I changed over to 'Fibre 500 Data Only' for a flat £35 back in April. My go live date was in May.


The last 2 months I've been charged close to £50 for my old contract. I bit the bullet and took the May price because I assumed it'd be to some b/s that my live date was the middle of the month so they had to charge the full month.

Come this morning I log in to my email and my bill came in this morning again for £48.95. I log in to my account and it is still set to 'Essentials TV Access Everything with Fibre' and not the new cheaper contract I should be on.


What gives? Why hasn't it been switched over and why am I still being charged for something I'm not using?


Support Team
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Hi @Shinkz


Your account has now been updated and reflects the correct plan and price, 



Support Team
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Hi @Shinkz


I have escalated this to the team responsible for updating your account. 


Also I have raised a credit against your account for the overcharge this month. Once the account is correctly updated I will look into any other overcharges.




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It seems that Talk Talk have a serious ongoing issue around updating their systems correctly to reflect their customers new contracts when they move to Future Fibre.


I’ve tried to be patient & constructive & have spoken to several people & have always been assured that it will EVENTUALLY be resolved & that the billing will be adjusted to reflect the current contract.


That said, my go live date was 21st March & although I still have an open complaint with the CEO team , deadlines come & go but it still hasn’t been resolved.


I am really pleased with the actual FF150 + VOIP service but some of Talk Talk’s admin processes are simply not fit for purpose.

Good Luck , I hope your case is resolved quickly.