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Why do I need a mobile number to sign up for TalkTalk broadband + landline?

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During one of the final steps of opening a new account with TalkTalk, you are required to enter a mobile number. 


I do not have a mobile phone.


The form says this:


We will contact you on this number with any information we need to send you about your order. We will not share your number with anyone else.


If this mobile number is used to sent a verification code just once, before my landline and broadband are set up, I could use the mobile phone of a relative for this. But if this is needed even after I have my own (landline) number, I would not want to do this.


Can anyone confirm what exactly the mobile number is needed for?


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Hi tim4


Im afraid a mobile is required to sign up,  also for other things such as,  updates on your order,  fault reporting, registering for our My Account service. 


But as Gliwmaeden2 has mentioned give us a call (03451 720046)  and see what they can do.




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Just ring them up and ask, @tim4 .


03451 720046


They may be able to use other ID questions as a fallback, but countless services use mobile numbers to check ID these days. It's useful to have even a basic PAYG mobile for emergencies too and, with many deals, you only have to use them once in 6 months in order not to lose the money you have on them.


Sometimes form filling can work if you just put XXXX for the number digits, but I still think you should check by phone/Chat before you go ahead. 


Scroll down on this page for the link to Chat:



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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So, basically, if I don't have a mobile phone, I cannot sign up for TalkTalk broadband and landline?


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Very occasionally, if you have a problem with your landline, it will be used for call divert, so that people could still reach you.


It can also be used as an ID question for verifying that it's you when you contact Talktalk, eg through Chat, for help.


It can also be used to send you an update after checking for faults on your line, through Service Centre, @tim4 .


You can opt out of the number ever being used for marketing purposes, cf opt out of telephone/email marketing information if you wish.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.