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Why is TalkTalk still taking payment when account closed

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My father in law (in his 80's) closed his account with Talk Talk on 22/12/2020 why are you still taking payments of £29 from his account and ignoring the letters and emails that he is sending to you.


Please confirm the correct email address that I can contact on his behalf to arrange for the payments taken since account closure to be credited back to him and to stop any further payments being taken from his account.


Due to Covid19 and him being clinically extremely vulnerable he has been shielding so unable to go to his bank to arrange for the payment to stop and is of a generation that does not trust online or telephone banking.


My father in law has Emphysema a form of COPD and the stress of trying to deal with TalkTalk is making his condition even worse to the point where he can only talk to me on the phone for a few minutes at a time without becoming totally breathless.


It is not acceptable that you continue to take payment when you have closed an account.  Not only have you closed the account, but my father in law transferred their broadband provider to BT in January 2021 so there has been no Talk Talk broadband service to their property since January.

I have tried to access his my account area on Talk Talk to see if I can sort it out from there.  However, he never used a Talk Talk email address previously he had been a customer and then he setup a Gmail address.  I have search all my emails from him and can find no emails from him ever having an @talktalk email address.  We have his Talk Talk account number, so I have tried to register him again, but it won't let me as it says that he is already registered and to login.  As we don't know what email address to use for My Account I have tried the forgotten email address and put in all of his details for him but that says that his  details are not recognised and that he may need to register but I am using the same details that I used when I tried to register for him.  So there is no way that we can get into his old my account area either.


Not only do I feel that you should resolve this issue immediately I feel that you should compensate for the distress that you have caused.

UPDATE 03/04/21 20:20
I have now managed to access my father in laws My Account section, but not his emails within TalkTalk as per updates below.  We will now await an update from OCE_Arne as suggested in one of the replies.  Please also see my other responses to replies that I received.  If any other information is needed please let me know and I can update you.


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No worries.


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Thankyou for your suggestion which I have now done.

I thought that deselecting selected subscriptions under My subscriptions would have done that which I did earlier.

Anyway hopefully the problem is now sorted.


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@TangoM Go to the top of the page; click on the three vertical dots next to the Reply button; select Unsubscribe. 

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Can someone please unsubscribe me from receiving email notifications about this and any other threads that I seem to be continually getting. I have tried unticking all the relevant boxes in Preferences and still get the emails.



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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


My father-in-law has let me know that the cheque arrived on Saturday for £87, thanks for all your help.


When I logged in as him, his billing was showing a small in credit balance of £5.72 with the option to claim a refund, which I have done and it said a cheque would be sent.






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Hi KelandDave


The cheque was sent 26 April to the address on the account in Abingdon .

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No worries, I am sure the team will sort it out. 


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Thank you

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I have re-escalated this for you to make sure it gets picked up again.

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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Could you please also confirm if the cheque was sent to his Abingdon address.





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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


We have checked with my father-in-law again today and he still hasn't received a cheque.  Could you please check when it was sent.






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Hi KelandDave


The accounts team have advised the refund will need to be a cheque, it looks like he was paying using a credit card, which we cant refund too. 


A cheque has been issued. 


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 

Thank you for helping sort this out and arranging the credit.

I do understand about December not being credited.  There does seem to have been some confusion between both parties that has occurred on Dec 12.  With the call that he made to TalkTalk enquiring if the service could be extended, then the letter that he sent to TalkTalk later that day confirming to actually go ahead with the cancellation on Dec 22.  When he received your late reply on Jan 25 I think he thought this was just a crossover in communications, as BT had already taken over by then and had told them that they had spoken with TalkTalk on Jan 8.


I do appreciate you sorting out the other months for them and ensuring that their service with TalkTalk is now disconnected.

My father-in-law doesn't have online banking, so I have asked him to contact his bank next week to see if the refund has gone through and to let me know.  I have logged in as him on TalkTalk as he doesn't usually do that and I can see that the credit has been applied.

As he doesn't have online banking if I contact you when he confirms that the credit has gone  into his bank account will you be able to cancel the direct debit at your end for him to ensure that it is cancelled.  Alternatively, can I login as him on TalkTalk and cancel the direct debit from his TalkTalk login, if I can do that can you let me know what section to go to do this.

Once again thanks for all the help.


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Hi @KelandDave


The credit has been raised,  It will not include the December payment as there is a call made into us on the 12 Dec asking for the service to be extended, and the a separate call will be made to us at a later date to place the cancellation. 


Also I have found a letter sent on the 25th Jan, in response to the letter we received giving the steps to take. 


As a company policy we do not compensate for time, effort or inconvenience as this can never be reasonably quantified,  Sorry.  


In 24 hours we can issue a refund back to the bank as long as the direct debit remains open, Once the refund shows in the account please ask him to cancel the direct debit at that point. 


Kind regards


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Apologies for only just coming back to you had a hectic couple of weeks and only just seen your message.

If you could please sort out the credits for my father-in-law that would really be appreciated.


Will he be due any compensation for the upset and inconvenience that this has caused him, especially as the letters/emails that he wrote were not acted on and it was only you and I that could rectify this.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, you have been great.


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If you bump this thread on Monday I can sort this out. cancellation is due tomorrow 16th. 


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Thanks @Arne-TalkTalk look forward to hearing from you.


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Once the account is fully cancelled we can look into the refunds,   The account will cancel before the next bill is due so no payment will be taken. 


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Thank you for checking and agreeing it should have been cancelled.  I presume that you can now see that BT did take over the broadband and landline by at least the 07/01/21.


Have you also been able to locate my father-in-laws letter to TalkTalk of 12/12/20 asking you to cancel his service as of 22/12/20?


Can you please confirm that you will be able to arrange to credit the below payments that have been taken from his account or will I need to contact someone else for this?  Can you please also ensure that no other payments are taken.

23/12/20 - 22/01/21 £29 Bill number: TT0583741129
23/01/21 - 22/02/21 £29 Bill number: TT0586766979
23/02/21 - 22/03/21 £29 Bill number: TT0589765511
23/03/21 - 22/04/21 £29 Bill number: TT0592764776


His last and final bill should have been for the period of 23/11/20 - 22/12/20 Bill number: TT0580720043