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Why is TalkTalk still taking payment when account closed

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My father in law (in his 80's) closed his account with Talk Talk on 22/12/2020 why are you still taking payments of £29 from his account and ignoring the letters and emails that he is sending to you.


Please confirm the correct email address that I can contact on his behalf to arrange for the payments taken since account closure to be credited back to him and to stop any further payments being taken from his account.


Due to Covid19 and him being clinically extremely vulnerable he has been shielding so unable to go to his bank to arrange for the payment to stop and is of a generation that does not trust online or telephone banking.


My father in law has Emphysema a form of COPD and the stress of trying to deal with TalkTalk is making his condition even worse to the point where he can only talk to me on the phone for a few minutes at a time without becoming totally breathless.


It is not acceptable that you continue to take payment when you have closed an account.  Not only have you closed the account, but my father in law transferred their broadband provider to BT in January 2021 so there has been no Talk Talk broadband service to their property since January.

I have tried to access his my account area on Talk Talk to see if I can sort it out from there.  However, he never used a Talk Talk email address previously he had been a customer and then he setup a Gmail address.  I have search all my emails from him and can find no emails from him ever having an @talktalk email address.  We have his Talk Talk account number, so I have tried to register him again, but it won't let me as it says that he is already registered and to login.  As we don't know what email address to use for My Account I have tried the forgotten email address and put in all of his details for him but that says that his  details are not recognised and that he may need to register but I am using the same details that I used when I tried to register for him.  So there is no way that we can get into his old my account area either.


Not only do I feel that you should resolve this issue immediately I feel that you should compensate for the distress that you have caused.

UPDATE 03/04/21 20:20
I have now managed to access my father in laws My Account section, but not his emails within TalkTalk as per updates below.  We will now await an update from OCE_Arne as suggested in one of the replies.  Please also see my other responses to replies that I received.  If any other information is needed please let me know and I can update you.


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Thanks for checking with the provisioning team, have you heard anything back from them yet?


Also, I wondered if you noticed my post of ‎03-04-2021 07:16 PM where I got my father in law to do a speed test to see what his ISP came back with.  I put a screenshot of it with the post.


I would really like to conclude this as soon as possible to ensure that TalkTalk don't take another months payment from my father-in-laws account.


Do you want me to ask my father-in-laws partner to ask BT to send me some form of confirmation of when they took over the line/broadband?  At the moment I am trying very hard to deal with this myself, as they are now both finding it very stressful along with some other things that they have going on at the moment.


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Hi @KelandDave


Let me see if we can confirm on our network that the service is not with us. The last this I want to do is place a cancellation which causes a loss of service.


I will ask our provisioning team to 100% confirm he is not on our network.


Will let you know when they reply. 


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Hi @martswain 


Thank you for the reply and the information that you gave.  I am still hopeful that @Arne-TalkTalk can help resolve this issue with the information that I have given him.  


My father in law is a retired legal executive so he had already followed all of the normal channels calling and writing to the complaints address shown in the complaints code as below.  These are the letters that I mentioned above.  Sadly he isn't a well man and with also being in his 80's dealing with stressful matters like this, only makes him more unwell.  That is why I have offered to take over for him and having used the community pages before I thought I would try this approach to see if any of the TalkTalk team could help.


PO Box 675
M5 0NL


As I have been a loyal customer to TalkTalk since the days of Tiscali, I do hope that we can resolve this without having to go to CISAS.  I also work in customer support and believe that you should give support teams a chance to try to resolve any issues as I appreciate that sometimes things do get accidently overlooked.


Thanks again for the help.


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The complaints code is at the bottom of the page.


If you exhaust that and reach deadlock, you can take it to the resolution service that TT subscribe to, which is CISAS/CEDR.


OFCOM do not take individual complaints but you can inform them of the issues you have had.




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Good Afternoon @Arne-TalkTalk 


My father in law is still using the same phone number with BT who took over the service on 07/04/21.


There was a request on 12/12/21 to extend the service until 07/01/21, but it didn't seem that you could coincide this with BT's takeover date.


Therefore, my father in law sent confirmation on 12/12/20 confirming that was what happened.  The last paragraph reads "Due to all these difficulties I would like the disconnection to take place on 22/12/20.  This is a very clear confirmation from my father in law to TalkTalk directly at your PO Box 675 Salford, M5 0NL address that TalkTalk were to cancel his contract with them as of 22/12/20.  I can scan and send you a copy of this correspondence if you can let me know what email address to send it to.


Priscilla Naicker wrote back to my father in law on 25/01/21 your reference 201224-000032 apologising for the delay in replying to his correspondence and acknowledging that he had contacted TalkTalk with the request to disconnect.


The letter also stated that BT hadn't contacted TalkTalk about the disconnection.  My father in laws partner spoke to BT and also had cause to speak to them again later as they lost service for a few days after BT took over the contract.  Therefore, at this point they were aware that BT were their new provider and felt that the loss of service for the few days was due to the completion of BT taking over the service from TallkTalk.


How would they know that BT hadn't completed the take over correctly when they knew that BT were now their service provider.  Especially as they had to seek support from BT when they lost their connection.


Your letter to them also said "Your service with TalkTalk will continue until you contact us to give notice", but they had confirmed to you on 12/12/20 (as above) that they wished you to discontinue service on 22/12/20.  They like most of us are aware of delays due to the current Covid19 situation and expected TalkTalk to take notice of their request to cancel on 22/12/20, but did expect it may have taken a little while for this part of their letter to be updated on your systems.


It is clear that BT have taken over from TalkTalk and although they couldn't connect their service on 22/12/20 they had as of their go live date on 07/01/21.  Please confirm that you can amend your records and refund payments from 22/12/20 when he requested that TalkTalk disconnect his service to date and stop all future direct debits from my father in laws account.  SEE UPDATE AT END OF MESSAGE AS WELL PLEASE.


If this is something that you are not able to do yourself then please can you escalate this complaint and send me the contact details of who you have escalated it to.  Alternatively if you prefer I am happy to forward this onto your complaints department and Ofcom myself.


It would be appreciated if we could resolve this as soon as possible as my TalkTalk contract expired on 09/03/21 and my mother is also expiring.  I have been considering if to and how long to renew before making any commitments.  As I am sure you will appreciate we will both want to consider the outcome of this incident before I commit to renew either of our contracts.


UPDATE - I have just located information that my father in law had previously sent me about their change from TalkTalk to BT.  He had said that "BT said they had disconnected TalkTalk by the 14th January, but in fact their engineer had connected them on the 27th December", so a little earlier than their expected go live date of the 7th January.  If you need to know the name of his partner who the BT contract is with, I put this in with the information that I put in my Personal Profile > Personal Info.


Kind Regards




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Hi @KelandDave


Thanks for you post. 


The account is still active this is based on a conversation on the 12 Dec when an request was made to extend the cancellation date to Jan.  We have not had any orders from BT to take the Broadband service, is you father in law still using the same number or have BT given him a new number? 


I will wait your reply.


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I will look out for the reply from OCE_Arne

Thank you

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Possibly the bit that slipped through the cracks was the name changing, @KelandDave, i.e. because the BT account is in the partner's name rather than your father in law's, the Talktalk account has not been cancelled correctly. 


It's not the first time that we have seen a previous account holder receiving bills having changed the name, despite the new account holder also being billed....even when it remains the same service from Talktalk! 


Whatever is causing this, customers can help you no further. You'll need to wait for staff to return and follow this up.


It sounds as though you yourselves have done everything you possibly could to communicate with Talktalk and BT and it's now Talktalk's job to sort out the muddle and pay back what is due.


This will have to be by a cheque, and you will need to ask for this once a credit appears in his My Account as the Direct Debit is no longer in place. 


You'll also need to remove the Debit card authorisation to stop the payments being taken, once the staff member (indicated by OCE before the name) has had a chance to catch up with the situation. 


Staff will need to verify identities to help you with all of this. 


Please don't post further until you get a reply from TT staff  - this will help your thread move forward in the workflow. When staff return, they will be catching up from oldest to newest posts, so you don't want to delay it with further updates.


You can add information by editing your previous posts. Go via the vertical 3 dot menu options above right of any previous post that you need to amend. Then simply post in the normal way and it will update on the thread.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It would be best for you to hang fire until reaches your post, will probably mid week.


It may take some time but if anyone can get to the bottom of this he is your best bet.


Good luck

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Martin you stated "It sounds as if the service has not been taken over correctly." how can this be when TalkTalk said they were disconnecting the service on the 22/12/20 and BT were not setting up the new broadband connection until 07/01/21.


TalkTalk should have already disconnected the broadband service as per correspondence mentioned in my earlier post on the 22/12/20.


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My father in law lives over 100 miles away from us and it takes us 3 hours to get there.  So as I am sure you will appreciate, with him shielding due to Covid19 at the moment I am not going to the property at the moment when we can't enter the house.  So this is making things even more stressful for him and each time I that I have to ask him to check something it involves him climbing many stairs to get to his computer to check emails and run tests.  This then causes him even more problems with his breathing and leaves him exhausted so I really do need this resolved without him having to do too much more now I have provide his full account details. 


I have just sent him a link to run the speed test and to check for ISP name and talked him through sending me a screenshot.  I can confirm that it is BT and for security I don't want to copy the whole IP address but below you will see a copy of the part that shows it is BT.





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As requested I have added all the information that I have to my personal notes including the dates that you have been taking payments from his account.  TalkTalk had confirmed with him that the broadband service would be disconnected on 22/12/20 and BT took over the broadband service on 07/01/21.


You wrote to him on 30/11/20 confirming disconnection on 22/12/20 . You confirmed you didn't have a active DD on the account.  As you are now using his debit card to take regular payments he must have contacted you to give permission to use this card for the final payment up to the 22/12/20.  However, TalkTalk have continued to take payments on this card.


He had asked BT if they could bring forward their take over date to the 22/12/20 and they could not.


He had asked TalkTalk to defer disconnection until 07/01/21 but you could not accommodate him.


TalkTalk then emailed him on 12/12/20 to say you were really pleased that he had decided to stay with them and that you had stopped the cancellation.


He wrote back to you the same day (12/12/20) to saying "Due to all the difficulties I would like the disconnection to take place on 22/12/20.


TalkTalk acknowledged his correspondence requesting disconnection on 25/01/21.


BT took over the landline and broadband on 07/01/21 he had already given you notice by his letter of 12/12/21 to cancel on 22/12/21 that it appears you chose to ignore even though you acknowledged receipt of it.


BT were asked to to take over the TalkTalk broadband and they were also asked to switch it from my father-in-laws name to his partners name which they have done.  She also received a new BT router which has been setup since the BT account became active.  She has since been billed by BT so they are now being billed twice.


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It sounds as if the service has not been taken over correctly.


@KelandDave  ask him to go to and perform a test


On that page it will show his IP address and (in plain text) the ISP name.


The details are below and to the left of the GO button.




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Can you clarify that your father in law now uses the same phone number and that it was taken over by BT from the TT service?


If that happened, BT taking over should have automatically cancelled the Talktalk service, @KelandDave.


Please see paragraph 15.2 in the Ts&Cs (linked at the foot of any TT page).


The address for written correspondence given in the Ts&Cs is:


 TalkTalk Correspondence Department, PO Box 675,
Salford M5 0NL.


You'd only normally only cancel this way if you were not keeping your number and moving to a totally different network.


Usually people actually phone to cancel rather than write, but the Ts&Cs don't indicate that the address is not a suitable option. Talktalk can't pick and choose which Ts&Cs it observes......


Please add your father in law's Talktalk phone number to your community forum profile details. 


In the Private Notes section add his name, address & phone number.


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email" choose Personal Information. At the very end of that section find Private Notes. Save changes.


From this information, staff should be able to identify his account and check what has been going on. They are mostly on holiday over the Bank Holiday weekend, so please look out for a reply from Tuesday onwards.


There is also a Complaints Code, linked at the foot of any TT page. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.