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Why no new Hub?

Brian Mc
First Timer
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Hello everyone. I’m new here but I have a concern and I wonder if anyone can help?


My contract for Faster Broadband was due to end on 15 August 2021. TalkTalk spontaneously sent me a new router (hg 635) out of the blue, without much explanation, a couple of weeks ago to replace an even older one. Then a few days ago they told me I was due to go live with Fibre 35 on 2nd August at the same price as before, even though I never authorised that. 


I rang up to clarify and I now accept the switch to Fibre 35. However, all the advertising for Fibre 35 says you get a free WiFi Hub with it. The lady I spoke to says my present router is adequate so I must pay £50 for a new Hub. So am I right or is she?


I did a little research, and found the following under Small Print:


Wi-Fi Hub Entitlement

The Wi-Fi Hub Black is included with all Fibre 35 and 65 plans and is limited to one per household.

I also found this:


Offer terms for existing customers 
Offers for Plans advertised by TalkTalk are available to new and existing TalkTalk customers who have less than 90 days remaining within the minimum term of their old contract. Existing customers need to sign a new Plan contract. 


I don’t mean to be a whinger, but shouldn’t that entitle me to a new Hub? I’m a pensioner of modest means and I think it seems like a pretty clear promise.


Am I being unreasonable? Many thanks for any thoughts.

Best wishes, 













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The ethernet (LAN) sockets are capable of running at 1000 Mbps on the 635 and HUB, but only 100 Mbps on the 633.


On Fibre 35 with a capped maximum of 40 Mbps, the LAN side is never a limiting factor for internet connections.


However, if customers have other locally connected devices such as backup drives, then the LAN speed can be important to them.


Obviously, once a customer upgrades to an internet service above 100 Mbps, then a low LAN speed can become an issue.



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Thank you for your reply Martswain. If you’ll forgive my ignorance, what’s the significance of gigabit LAN?


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I have used a HG635, HG633 and the Huawei HUB on my Fibre 35 service.


The only real benefit of the HUB as far as I know is that it has a technically better WiFi system.


However, in the real world and at Fibre 35 speeds you will not likely notice any difference between a 635 and a HUB and I am sure it will be better than your old one as that is probably not dual band.


Both the 635 and HUB have gigabit LAN.


WiFi coverage in my small Wimpey house is virtually identical on all three devices.


The HG635, albeit with different firmware, was supplied as the main TT Business router for many years.

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Hello AllyM, thanks for replying. I think my main concern is router quality. Will there be a significant difference between the HG635 and the Hub?


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They have recently been forcibly upgrading people to Fibre (FTTC) in their quest to get everyone off ADSL before it becomes obsolete, and many people seem to have had the HG635 sent without warning to ensure they have a router which supports VDSL. However, that upgrade should not affect the contract you were on or the price you were paying, so in that sense it should be a "free" upgrade.


If they are saying you agreed to a new contract when you didn't, then that doesn't sound right. You could probably see about cancelling that if you are still within the "cooling off" period but you say your original contract was due to end in less than a month anyway so unless you were thinking of leaving TalkTalk, I don't know whether it's worth the bother.

Contract price deals vary over time. The "full" out of contract monthly cost of Fibre35 is £29.95, so £22 isn't a bad price.


As for the router, as you have previously been advised, they don't generally send out new ones if the one you have can do the job. I guess the advertising is aimed more at new customers who don't have a TalkTalk router but I agree that they should probably think about clarifying it in the wording as it seems to mislead a few people.

Are you having a specific problem with the HG635 or any other particular reason that one one of the latest ones, other than just the fact that you feel you're missing out on something?

personally I don't think the TalkTalk routers are up to much anyway. I got the Huawei DG8041W when I upgraded to Fibre65 but I don't even use it - I bought my own third party router which I use for various reasons.

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Hi Martswain


I don’t know why you say they are upgrading me for free. Perhaps I should have been clearer. They put me on a 24 month contract without my authority, though I’ve now accepted it. The lady said the new contract was authorised through My Account, which it wasn’t. I’ll be paying £22 a month, which I can live with, but isn’t that the advertised cost of Fibre 35? They seem to be contradicting the promise of new Hub with all Fibre 35 Plans. Nowhere in the advertising does it say they will deny you a new Hub if your existing one is adequate.



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@Brian Mc 


If they are upgrading you for free and you have not signed a new contract, then as far as I can see all TT have to do is supply a router suitable for the service.


It would be a different matter if you had ordered the upgrade yourself and entered into a new contract.


Gift Horse and Mouth come to mind !