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Wierd £300

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I recently renewed my contract with TT. I received the usual agreed conditions by email and post. On both of them there was a reference to £300 that I had paid.

Firstly I hadn't paid anything upfront additionally it was made clear to me at the time that upfront payment for the whole year wasn't possible on that contract. I suppose additionally it was unlikely to be a figure of exactly £300.


So I rang a week or so ago and wanted it resolved. They couldn't help and even suggested it was a scam. It clearly wasn't.

They promised that someone would get back to me within 48 hours.  Needless to say they didn't.


So I rang again today, went through the story all-over again. They couldn't help, seemed to agree it was a mistake and that someone would get back immediately.

They didn't, I had to go out. I missed their call as a consequence.


They left a number that was different from the normal one, so I rang it hoping for a direct link to the manager as promised.

It wasn't, it went direct to the normal support number. I wasn't prepared to go through it all over again, so abandoned it.

Meanwhile I found the missed call number that TT called from, an 0800 number. Hopeful??

No, it was some sort of clever setup that appeared to know I had missed the call and would call me back.

At this point I lost the will to live.

Can you helpful guys assist please? All I want is the contractual documents reissued correctly.

They of course can refund the £300 I haven't paid if they 2ant to.


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Well, I got the phone call as promised from TT.

The quality of the call was awful, background chatter drowning what she was saying. When I pointed it out she said "it was a busy Monday" !

Totally unable to discuss the matter properly, just about forced her to resend the correct contract details.

She said they would be with me within 5 weeks !!!!

Funny how they come immediately on the day you join up.


Just another nail in the coffin when it comes to switching.


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Worth waiting for that call, @des09.


Staff will not be back on here before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Update...... I received a text just now saying they would ring on Monday.

I won't hold my breath.