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Wifi hub to loyal customers for free

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It seems loyalty stands for nothing with Talk Talk. All new customers who sign up for fast fibre get the new wifi hub free of charge. Us loyal older customers get a so called super router which is not ideal. If we ask for a wifi hub they expect us to pay £30 for something new customers get free of charge. I complained about the signal the super router dishes out drops drastically from room to room. Talk Talk sent me a replacement which was exactly the same router !! They also asked me to return the other one too. 

It would be a nice idea to give us older loyal customers a new wifi hub for all the years service and money they have been taking from us. £30 is a lot for a pensioner like me but not a lot to a company like Talk Talk. 

Roll on April 2020 when my contract ends and I can find a better provider.


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Really sorry that you are unhappy with the decision to charge for the WIFI hub, but £30 is a hugely discounted when you consider that in our accessories store the hub is priced at £120. 


If you are having problems with wireless connections see our help pages for some assistance such as Boost your WIFI speed


Alternatively post in our Broadband or Fibre section and we can try to assist 




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Why should we pay talk talk for a wi fi router because there super router does NOT work they should supply everyone of there customers with tools that work not try to encourage new customers with fancy toys that really are no better but surely it's unfair trading or even worse against there old customers I have been with talktalk since it was tiscali some 10 years ago so I suppose it's time to move on and change servers every year or so when contracts run out

Thank You ! Posted By Jimpy From Staffordshire

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I agree existing customers should get a new router free of charge or if they think yours is breaking down then it should be done free also.