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Wrongly billed for an engineer visit


I have just received my new bill and am feeling very upset as I seem to have been charged for an engineer visit when the fault was clearly with talktalk equipment, ie a faulty router.

After having had no service for over a week, then got visited by the BT engineer who couldn't find any fault and therefore suggested that it could be the router, even though the router was only a few days old, talktalk is now trying to charge me for this. After just having closed a complaint with regards as to the slow speed with which the problem was being looked at, I feel I am back to where I started. What can I do to have the charge taken off my bill? If it had been my equipment or fault, then fine, but this is so blatantly wrong, that I find it shocking that talktalk has to operate in such a way of trying to push charges past people. 

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks


Just had a look down some other posts with this problem- seems to be quite common.

Please would it be possible for the community team to look into this? 

My details should be in my settings.The background is as follows: 

I applied for a change to faster fibre. When the change over had been done, my internet connection went down and I couldn't receive any more incoming calls (but was able to make outgoing calls). I contacted TT several times, followed all the instructions I was given, but to no avail. Incoming calls and internet were still not working. Eventually TT suggested that an engineer needed to come and I was advised that if there was no fault on the line or with the TT equipment, then there would be a charge. The engineer attended and was not able to fix the problems as there was no fault on the line.He suggested that the router was faulty. I then contacted TT and a new router was sent. This resolved all the problems and I have been very pleased with my faster fibre connection ever since, especially as this stopped drop-outs that I had experienced before. Now I am being charged for something that TT has not been able to diagnose, ie a faulty router. Surely, this isn't right? Please can someone look into this and advise? I would like the charge to be taken off my bill.





All sorted now. Managed to get through to TT on the phone and they took the charge off my bill. 

What a relief! 

Chat Champion
yup just billed me over an issue that was ongoing for three months
Super Duper Contributor

I had an ongoing issue during which they sent out engineers 5 times - even after I kept insisting it would be a waste of time (and their money) - and guess what - they added the costs of 2 visits to my bill.


These charges were credited - but I wonder what systems they have in place to prevent unjustified charges being levied - because whatever they are the systems obviously don't work too well.

Chat Champion

I only found out by accident , it was not on my statement but put through as a direct debit payment ? this is dating back to october last year  Bt finally got my broadband working end of November , so why wait over two months to bill over some thing which was faulty ....