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You Guys Are Hilarious - CMP-254515

Team Player
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You've sent me a text saying you've registered my complaint 

then a minute later saying you've done an investigation and are unable to contact me?!!!


Do you not know how to use the keypad on the dialler?


Do you need me to talk you through how to press the buttons?


Or maybe its that you don't know how to pick up the receiver? 


You could be struggling with the ability to disclose fees on your website and give customers clear and accurate information. But I didn't know reading  your own literature would be a struggle. 


I guess you're paying the minimum wage which means you've scrapped the bottom of the barrel in society and that's what customers get for choosing TalkTalk. 


Surely you wouldn't pay top whack for competent staff that can, read, write and listen. 


I regret ever contacting you on the 25th March, you have failed from the word go! Even your first piece of correspondence was wrong. Why should i be surprised that you would try and screw your customers over. 


You're an embarrassment to the service industry, the telecoms industry and above all an embarrassment of your own brand. Because you call yourselves TalkTalk, but you don't seem to be able to do it effectively . 


NOW - I've given you a chance to put things right and you haven't. 


I gave you notice within my 14 day period that I don't wish to renew any contracts with TalkTalk. 


If you chose to do that, that's your choice. 


I've gone elsewhere now and you will be hearing from them shortly. 


Consider this as my last and final notice, I wish no longer to deal with you. 


I will pay for the amount owed for the broadband and line rental that is owed (pro-rata) once the new service provider comes into force. 


Anything else you can go and shove it up your asses quite frankly, because you are NOT getting anything. 


The direct Debit is cancelled - you can add your little charges on, if it makes you happy and do as you please, but i'll just be sitting here laughing at you whilst you try and chase me £30. Bearing in mind I'm cancelling my renewal with you. 


What you did might be legal in the eyes of OFFCOM - but in my eyes what you did is criminal behaviour. You took me to a portal on your renewal notice that made a change to policy mid-term! Why would you do that? Other than to con people out of money!


You send people renewal notices to renew, not to make changes mid-term on their policies. 


You're Crooks, and you know it. 


Mr P Clarke. 



Text 1 - Time sent 10:27am


TalkTalk Update: We're very sorry you've had to report a problem, we want to put things right as soon as possible. Your complaint has been logged and we'll be in contact with further updates. Your reference number is CMP-254515. You can find a copy of our complaints code by visiting TalkTalk is also a member of alternative dispute resolution scheme CISAS,


Text 2 - time sent 10:28am


TalkTalk Update: Hello, we're sorry you've had a problem with our service. We've tried to contact you about your complaint as we want to put things right as soon as possible. Following our investigation we wanted to let you know that we're unable to fix the issue without speaking to you. Please call us on 0345 172 0088 within 28 days or we'll begin the process to close your complaint. You can find a copy of our Complaints Code by visiting TalkTalk is a member of the alternative dispute resolution scheme CISAS,

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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Thats right, (i just located it, I wasn't leaving before that got switched off)


I've just found that option. Would make far more sense to have someone opted OUT of such pointless notifications sent to their inboxes. 

And for those who like self gratification from others could 'opt in' to having notifications telling them that someone has liked 

their post. 

But that's just me, I cant understand why anyone needs to be told 12 times over night that someone has liked your 

posts. TalkTalk aren't a social media company as far as I'm aware!

People should given the option to 'Opt in' not out. 


Would save clogging up the internet with unnecessary MBs


Have a super lovely day  

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

Community Star
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@Xmrstew, the only emails that reach me from the forum are notifications about someone sending me a PM, a moderator moving a thread that I have contributed to, to another message board, and the approximately weekly summary of notifications re likes / mentions. If you last long enough, they will eventually run out of badges to give you....


But you can change settings for notifications in your profile to stop the barrage of emails coming through so much.


I would be totally swamped otherwise because of helping as a CS.


I just keep in touch by checking in the ACTIVITY area. 


You don't have to get all this mail from your "subscriptions" etc. Change settings and save those changes. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Team Player
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To TalkTalk customers (not employees) 


Just imagine if TalkTalk helped you as much as the ridiculous and quite frankly silly e-mail notifications you get from these threads” 


“you’ve become a chatter” (e-mail sent)

”someone liked your post” (e-mail sent) 

….. 10 seconds later….

“someone liked your post” (e-mail sent) 


no-one needs an e-mail to tell you that someone has liked a post. 

how about stop sending us emails acting like you’re doing something useful, like creating e-mails for “like” and actually resolve some real issues. 

That would be fantastic 👍

have a great day all you fabulous TalkTalk customers 

you didn’t deserve to be here. 
I should’ve realised that a company who needs a community forum to help and support customers when things go wrong, is a HUGE 🚩 for any business. 
it’s like there almost expecting things to go wrong because they’ve set it up wrong. 

have a great one (weathers nice out) 


oh little update, spent two hours last night trying to get a copy of the renewal notice, only to be told by a lovely chap (he actually was) that he can see the e-mail but he was trying to work out how he could send it to me, because he didn’t have a way!? And it had to be escalated to another department and that takes up too 7 business days. 

im not even kidding, we’re talking about a copy of an e-mail. 

now hopefully you can see my point about the set up they have sending you constant emails saying someone’s like your post. 

but when it comes to actually important literature …


7 business working days for an E-MAIL. 

Now you can laugh along with me, cos it is funny. 



PJ Clarke 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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If I need any advice I’ll ask for it! But not from here! 

Thanks anyway 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

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@Xmrstew  as you already have an open complaint and a manager dealing with it, you will not get further support from either staff or Community Stars here


If you are not satisfied with their reply ask them to escalate the issue to the CEO office.


You can rant and rave as much as you want however that is likely to result in you being reported to the moderators for spamming or being abusive and as has happened to others, getting sent to the "sin bin" for a week or two and ultimately getting a red card.


Team Player
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1)  Extremely offensive and insulting 


2) engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty.


what it seems to me is that, customers aren’t allowed to point out failings in users / agents / complaint handlers ways. Particularly if they themselves gaslight customers, give them wrong information, cause them of doing certain activities (such as spamming) when they’ve been blocked from posting in their original threads. 

Because if you do provide feedback in a laughable manner or show them how obvious their mistakes are, the become unprofessional themselves and start to take it personally and accuse the customer of being ABUSIVE.


wow…… I’ve seen it all now.

please keep this thread here and active, I have some points to add to my complaint about the user ‘Ferguson’ 


kindest regards 


Mr PJ Clarke 

Why is there no Avatar that represents my ethnicity?

Support Team
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Hi Xmrstew


Sorry that you are unhappy, this is not the experience that we would want you to have.


As you have an open complaint I have to allow the complaint manager to take over this issue, as you have posted they are trying to contact you to hopefully get a resolution. 


I hope you get the resolution you want. 

Community Star
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Just posting the link to the other thread we are keeping here, @Xmrstew:


I'll also escalate this one for a response. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.