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Your April 22 price increase will be...BIG...9.1%

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5.4 + 3.7 = 9.1 %


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Yes, scary.


What baffles me is that the telecoms price hikes are not getting any mention in the media.


They are all panicking about the price of fuel etc, but this is just as relevant to every household and is going to kick in at exactly the same time as the utilities companies raise the price cap on gas/electricity bills.


It will compound the already galloping inflation figures, as we all pointed out when it was first announced. 


Totally unaffordable in the long term, and probably unaffordable for many struggling families in the short term. 


And economical options are not available for those of us on the most basic Fast Broadband package with no possibility of moving to a package that allows Fixed Price Plus etc.


Unsustainable formula.


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.