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my idea is to be vigilant immediately you receive a bill. Five months into a 2 year basic contract of £20.99 /mth, I was charged £22.95 despite contract letters which stated "guarantee your price stays the same ..." and "no sneaky mid-contract price rises" and " peace of mind for the length of your contract" . These are their words, not mine. If you find your contract violated, as mine has been, I suggest you follow Talk Talk's complaint procedure on their site. Not easy but good luck!


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@AllyM, Sue-at-home started several similar threads on the same day, one of which has received a reply from TT staff.


@hosay299 encouraged her more than once to post in the help area of the forum, and all the posts have now been moved from the ideas section to billing. 


I suspect that the £20.99 is simply a typo, as all the other posts indicate concern about the £2.00 price increase. The original price may have been £20.95.


The customer has chosen not to post again or sign into the community since then.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Sue-at-home wrote:

Five months into a 2 year basic contract of £20.99 /mth, I was charged £22.95 


@Sue-at-home , There have been a couple of price increases recently, £2 per month for some customers around March time and more recently £2.50 per month for some other customers.

Your £1.96 increase seems a bit odd and you should have received an email giving you 30 days' notice in any case.


Have you actually checked all the details in your bill to see what you are being charged for? It couldn't be a charge for phone calls or something like that?



If you would like staff on this forum to help, you should make sure your forum profile is updated with your personal details and your TalkTalk landline number in order that they are able to access your account (don't post personal details on the thread though), but also bear in mind that support on this forum is not "real time" and staff generally don't work weekends either so it may take a few days to get a reply.


Alternatively you can contact TalkTalk by phone on 0345 172 0046 or via live chat here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support (that page also includes the current phone and chat support opening hours)



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@Sue-at-home please post in help side in my account and staff can look at if u think it has been done not right


Help with your TalkTalk service - TalkTalk Community


as some bis can be price increased as per t&c`s has been like it for long time read the wording before going ahead with it

Hope that help Regards Joe
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