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can ADMIN plz confirm

Whizz Kid
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hi i currently pay 19.95 for faster broadband ( 3 meg) speedd with unlimited calls . my cointract ends with talktalk. Sky are offering the same for 18 pounds but i tried ringing retentions to see whats the best they can offer


ive been offered the following

faster broadband £20

unlimited calls boost £10 p/m but discounted to £5 p.m for 18 months

£2.50 loyalty discount every month which i ned to renew on a 3 month basis each time


total for this package is £22.50 per month if i decide to renew in january

i told the rep to leave a note on my record saying this. plz can you confirm this deal has been noted on my record incase i do take up the package?


im not being offered mujch by talktalk considering my friend was offered fiber and unlimited calls for 20 pounds per month even though shes been with talktalk less than me



also why is the unlimited calls for 10 pounds when it says 7.50 on the website ??


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It was applied yesterday so wont take effect on your latest bill, but you will have a credit applied to your next bill for this months overcharge. 


We do not send out amended bills Sorry. 


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hi arne the discount hasnt been applied as far as i know
my bill should always be £20.45
i usually renew the disocunt on the 24th but this time due to some issues i didnt reneww it until 26th by then the new bill had already been generated
upon logging into my account i see the breakdown as £17.95 line rental and £5 calls for the period

Billing period from 25 Oct to 24 Nov

the discount hasnt been applied of minus 2.50 this bill as it got generated before
my loyalty discount runs from 26th oct to 21st january
as ive been over charged on this bill id like it if the bill is amended and the discount is put on

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Hi nolimitzz


I can see that a £2.50 discount has been applied, you will see this on your next bill.




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Once a bill has been produced, as far as I know, that's it done and it cannot be amended.


Make sure you have enough in the account from which you pay to cover the whole bill if you pay by Direct Debit as they are sent for processing in advance.


I am sure, once an OCE has picked this up next week, they can check the discount has been applied and arrange a credit on your account for the £2.50 you will have overpaid.

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Hi i renewed my loyalty discount on the phone but I've been billed today without the discount applied. Please can you amend my current bill which is due by 1st Nov and deduct £2.50 from it

Thanks in advance


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Hi can u apply the discount again for another 3 months plz

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Hi Arne by when do i need to get in touch again do u can renew the discount for me again is it the 23rd or 24th??

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Hi Arne can you please re add the discount again for the next 3 months and also what's the next date at which i need to renew it again

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hey arne my current 12 month loyalty disocunt of £2.50 which i have to renew very 3 months ends on nthe 21st april. I tried to renew it today but the lady told me if i renew today it will start from today which over rides my current disocunt. By what date do i need to get in touch to renew the loyalty diuscoutn for a further 3 months plz is it the 21st or 20th ?

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Pipes under your house don't affect fibre. It uses the existing telephone line the same as ordinary broadband. The only "fibre" bit is to your local exchange cabinet (in your town somewhere). Only about 10% of homes in the uk have true fibre (to your house).


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Yes everyone ought to check their accounts for this. When negotiating a deal they said TV is on my account. I've never asked for it and don't need it. Also a £2 charge suddenly appeared for Call Back which again I've never added and didn't realise for a few months. Really not on.


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Thanks will definitely look into it in the future, currently get around 3 to4 meg but it seems ok as we don't download or stream

Thanks for explaining I always thought the fibre was like virgins

Support Team
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@nolimitzz wrote:

P.s if the internet that comes through my copper phor line can only manage 3meg would fiber even give me a good speed if in the future I wanted it as another user told me your fibre is through the copper wire

The fibre runs to a cabinet that's hopefully a lot closer to you than the telephone exchange is (e.g., half a mile rather than three miles). That's why it can be faster. The service is called fibre-to-the-cabinet ("FTTC"), although providers usually just call it "fibre" which is confusing! You'll sometimes hear it called VDSL2—same thing.


@nolimitzz TalkTalk should be able to give you your estimated speed, so you can decide whether to switch to it.

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Hi @nolimitzz


I can confirm that the deal in your post has been applied to your account, contract end date is 21.01.20.  


I have placed the request to OPT out of the TV Access Charge.