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can ADMIN plz confirm

Whizz Kid
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hi i currently pay 19.95 for faster broadband ( 3 meg) speedd with unlimited calls . my cointract ends with talktalk. Sky are offering the same for 18 pounds but i tried ringing retentions to see whats the best they can offer


ive been offered the following

faster broadband £20

unlimited calls boost £10 p/m but discounted to £5 p.m for 18 months

£2.50 loyalty discount every month which i ned to renew on a 3 month basis each time


total for this package is £22.50 per month if i decide to renew in january

i told the rep to leave a note on my record saying this. plz can you confirm this deal has been noted on my record incase i do take up the package?


im not being offered mujch by talktalk considering my friend was offered fiber and unlimited calls for 20 pounds per month even though shes been with talktalk less than me



also why is the unlimited calls for 10 pounds when it says 7.50 on the website ??


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Plz confirm the above deal

Also plz OPT ME OUT of the £4 tv upcoming new contract is for broadband and calls I've not taken up tv this year yet in my account it says TV. Plz take this off



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NoHi there I told them all that they still denied it ever existing until I showed them this post


I've managed to renew and this is the deal


12 months faster broadband at £17.95

Half price unlimited calls boost £5

£2.50 loyalty discount which I was told I have to ring up every 3 months to renew


Total for the package comes to £20.45


Plz can you confirm this



P.s if the internet that comes through my copper phor line can only manage 3meg would fiber even give me a good speed if in the future I wanted it as another user told me your fibre is through the copper wire



Also will I get a refund for my old contract that still had about 2/3 days to end but they've started this contract off today


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If you have a working phone line, then TT's version of fibre may well be available to you, the last part of the connection comes down exactly the same copper line as normal broadband !


Thete are no "pipes" involved.


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Hi @nolimitzz


The note can be found dated 26-Dec-2018 @12:46


Hope that helps


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whats is wrong with the talktalk team, trying to renew the deal i was offered only for them to force fiber on me which i told them i cant get as the pipes under my house are damaged, they then deny the above deal was offered to me even though you have confirmed it


Support Team
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Hi nolimitzz


I can confirm there is a note on your account. 


Unlimited calls boost is usually £10 however from time to time discounts  are offered as part of our deals.