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changes to our late payment, direct debit and recurring card charges

Enlightened One

I received my bill today.  There was a message there

Important Reminder
From February, we are making changes to our late payment, direct debit and recurring card charges. For more information click here.


I tried the link, but it isn't obvious where to look from there.

I probably missed something, but if anyone has already found the answer, can you let me know what changes are being made specifically to DIRECT DEBIT charges (as implied above).

I'm not over concerned so wouldn't want anyone wasting time as I have trying to find the answer.  I pay by DD and as far as I know, I get charged for the service I'm using, unless, as I say, I've missed something.



(PS: at the top of the email

We've changed the way this email looks to make it clearer and easier to understand!!!)

Community Team

Hi dave p


Late payment fee is now £12.50 

Direct Debit rejection is now £12.50

Paper bills are now £2

Credit card rejection is now £12.50


This can also be found on our pricing page here


Hope that helps

Enlightened One

Thanks for the reply.
OCE_Arne wrote:

Hi dave p


Direct Debit rejection    is now £12.50


Hope that helps

It might have been better to have put that in the first place.