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contract upgrade length

naveed hussain
First Timer
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i renewed my contract last week and signed up for a 12 month contract for broadband only.  in my inbox and letters they show 18 months with tv yet i didnt want this.  why is this so ? is it a fixed template that is sent out to all customers with the same information or has there been a mistake from talktalk agents that needs rectifying ?


if im in an 18 month contract despite being given the choice over the phone of either 12,18 or 24 months of which i chose 12 months with 2 months credited then id rather not waste my time and retract my upgrade. 


please assist in this.


naveed hussain
First Timer
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a phone call resulted in my contract terms being updated.  i was on a 12 month contract.  The contract is 18 months but with 12 months being the term of it with a choice of cancelling with no charge or again the choice to upgrade.


as a general tip to people get the agents to send emails and letters with the terms youve agreed to in writing to avoid confusion.  the agent updated my actual contract details prior to terminating the call.