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extra charges on bill?

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Have I missed the small print?

Did I misunderstand the  renewal?

Same contract...£1 more

I took the last minute renewal...thought I had a 2 year contract and ignored the 'deals'.

my renewal was supposed to be £26 but there are 'extras' small but still extra.

Discounts reversals...?


Last months changes           £1.26


30 Apr to 07 May

Faster Fibre Discount

05 May to 07 May

Faster Fibre Discount Reversal
Boosts and Extras

30 Apr to 07 May

Half Price Fibre Speed Boost for 24 Months Reversal  £0.69
Free Fibre Speed Boost for 24 Months -£1.38
Not entirely happy as the service is terrible again
please explain in simple English.

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@Habib86 we sent you a email notification in June that the fixed price promise was ending and your charged are increasing by £2.50 from July. You have 30 days to contact us to either re-negotiate or leave with no cancellation fee. 


Sorry that you missed the notification


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Check all the details in My Account,  @Habib86.


If there's still a problem, you must start your own new thread- staff will only reply to the original poster. 


Please return to the message board and click on Start a Topic. 


You must add your Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details for TT staff to identify your account. Please go via your avatar/name; settings; launch Profile Wizard. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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This month, I have been charged extra £3. Do I know why?


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thank you @Arne-TalkTalk  that much had been gathered...


I'm only left confused by the fact that I was charged for going from 'free' to 'free' 🤣



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Hi OMGFFS-howslow


The Extra charge is because the discount for the fibre speed boost was ended before the 30 day period that each boosts have. 


Going forward your package is £26 per month, it is all itemized on your bill in My Account. 


Apologies for any confusion caused. 


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Routine matters such as sending out replacement equipment, or arranging line tests can be conducted without full security checks. Billing issues are another matter and unless you can satisfy the support team that you are the account holder then they will not be able to discuss this with you, no.


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Sending a router to a customer's registered address and dealing with private account data are two different matters. 


ah ok, private account data and my address aren't one or part of the same?


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Toys? Pram?
my username IS registered to my account. as previously said...a new router was sent out last week.

mules in size 11, heels size 12 and the exhaust pipe trim is flaming pink 😁


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Sending a router to a customer's registered address and dealing with private account data are two different matters. 


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strangely incorrect... TT sent out a new router/hub based only on my rather peurile username.

BTW, the childish username was was pertinant at the time.

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Toys - Pram !


@OMGFFS-howslow  just do as asked !


Probably a ladies size 2 shoe and pink car.


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All we know about you here is your rather puerile username. There is no direct link to your TalkTalk account. That is is why the support team need to confirm security details with you privately. 


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ok, received your pm, my details are already in the system as I have recently been sent a new router / hub.
 I've confirmed them before and you have my permission to review the billing and contract me by email via my account.


weird how you ask me security questions to confirm who I am... perhaps you can provide secure answers...


second and fourth  4 digits of my postcode

last four digits of my account number

shoe size and colour of my car? 😁


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Hi OMGFFS-howslow, I can take a look at this for you. I'll be looking at the same bill you are, but if you'd like me to please reply to my personal message. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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I renewed online after receiving a reminder, I was pretty sure that I was 48 hrs from going over to the default tariffs.
I had two deals on my account.. 18 months or 24 months.

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I renewed online via the account.
after receiving an email.. your package is due to end on zxx date,
two offers 18 months or 24 months

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If you have done nothing, then the contract would have rolled onto the full price at the end of you current contract and even then that would not be necessarily on your billing date.


New contracts agreed on chat or phone do start at the time of the agreement, not on the expiry of the old one and I agree it is a bit sneaky and not always explained well by agents.





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ah OK late night confusion... so I renewed my contract expecting it to roll over on expiry of the previous one.

But TT cancelled my old contract and started the new one automatically.

Then the system charged me the difference in the 'package value' discounts for going from 'free for 18 months' to 'free for 24 months'.

A trifling amount but damned sneaky billing... nothing is ever truly free.




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You will have renewed your package in the middle of a billing cycle.


The discounts you had and your new discounts are not the same, so some are removed and the new ones added.


Both of your discounts have changed, so you'll have to go back into your old bills to see exactly how much they were, check against the new discounts and work out the difference.


As very few people take new deals exactly on their billing date, the adjustments look odd and although the explanation is simple, the calculations are a bit more challenging.