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loss of service compensation ?

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I have had a problem with my Talktalk fibre service. I was without any service for 7 days ( incl a weekend ) . Hours on the phone to South African ( correction - ''off shore'' ) technical services, BT open reach engineer visit, technical  service dept in the UK ...line tests.....more line tests......then a major battle to get a new router .....which Talktalk were initially reluctant to send out as open reach had not indicated the router was faulty in their report...even though they said the line was ok, the installation at my premises was ok, the street cabinet was ok, the phone exchange was ok and my telephone was working without any faults. In the end I finally received a new router and hey presto !!!!!!!!   service has resumed !!!1. What a week !!!

Now the question I have to ask is what is arrangement for compensating me for loss of service ?

I run a small business with a small number of staff. We rely totally on the internet for the operation of our business ...computers , servers , data storage / access / online accounts etc even for our printers ...We are unable to function via a 4g / 5g MIFI as we only receive a 2g signal in our village despite the best attempts of O2 and Vodafone in convincing us that we have full 4g signal ..

So in short...I have lost a full weeks business...had to send staff home for 7 days ...and now we are in catch up and having to apologise to clients ....HOW IS TALKTALK GOING TO COMPENSATE ME ?


The hours of lost sleep , hours on the phone pleading my case with South African customer of which was yawning throughout the conversation and the other call sounded like there was a party going in the call centre.....


Yesterday to cap it all ....I receive a missed call / voicemail from South Africa advising that the call is recorded for security and training purposes ( yes this is a message on MY voicemail ) but was unable to ascertain what the person was saying due to loud noise in the call centre back ground and a very very strong South African accent....


I then receive an email advising that my fault has been rectified but due to engineer tests it may be a few days before my line returns to normal etc .....


Talktalk...I really am disappointed .


And yes ....I also received an email ''threatening'' me with a £50 charge if I didn't return my router ...


I would appreciate a response to this post by email.

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Hi moorlander,


Hope you've made a speedy recovery.


Have sent you a private message requesting for some information to verify your account.




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I'll re-escalate this thread for you, @moorlander

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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apologies for not replying sooner, just got out of hospital ). .....the offer of compensation would be very good...thankyou 

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@moorlander wrote:

the moral of this story is...''Should have shopped around ''

Shopped around for what?

All ISPs will have pretty much the same SLA on a residential package.


If you want a faster response to faults then the answer would be to get a business service as @martswain says.


I would think it may also be wise, if your business is reliant on internet, to invest in a spare router to have at hand in case of a failure, or else to be able to rule out the router as the cause of the fault, rather than having to wait for the ISP to get a replacement one out to you.



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the moral of this story is...''Should have shopped around ''


and to cap it all...just had an email asking if I want to renew my contract !!  Didn't know I could after less than 6 months since I renewed !  🙂

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Support Team
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Hi moorlander


Im sorry to read that you had problems with the service


Our terms and conditions that you have accepted do state 

6.1 You may not use your services, or allow your services to be used:

(a) for business purposes, unless otherwise agreed in writing;



13.2 Whether or not losses could reasonably be expected to occur when we entered into this agreement, we’re not liable for:

(a) loss of data or information;

(b) business losses, such as loss of profits or loss of revenue;

(c) loss of income;

(d) loss of your time;


With that in mind, Any compensation would be based upon the price per month you pay for the service divided by 30 x 7 days loss of broadband , which I am happy to calculate and credit to the account along with a goodwill gesture. 


I appreciate that its not what you where expecting, its the best I do. 




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@moorlander  the morale of your story is to get a business account with better service level agreements.


As above, if you are using a home service for business use, it is a requirement to get TT's agreement to do so, however even if you do that, you won't get paid compensation for business losses.

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The criteria for automatic compensation are detailed here, @moorlander:


Please read the Ts&Cs linked at the foot of the page. As a residential customer, compensation will be limited as detailed. 




As you are running a business, you should have set up your account through


Have you got permission from Talktalk to use your residential service for business purposes?


Staff will reply through the forum, not by email. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.