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?miss sold TV Service

First Timer
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I joined TT in July 18 and was led to believe the only way to  'record' TV was via selecting the TV Select/Boost package - I paid a one off fee for the TV + box and have since paid £7 pm. Since researching about the Opt Out £4 monthly fee I have found out this was incorrect as it was the box itself that recorded.


I switch from BT after many years due to their price rises. I explained at the time (via live chat) I used the internet, never used the phone line and only watched Freeview channels but wanted to have the ability to record (set up in advance). At no time was I told this was the actual box that did this and believe I was led to buy the TV/Boost package as the only way to set recordings in advance from live TV. I have never watched the Boost channels and in fact did not even know how to find them until my son showed me a month ago.


I have now stopped the TV Select/Boost via my account but was wondering if anyone else believes they were misled and the packages sold not explained fully.


I was also wondering how do I Opt out of the £4 price increase.


Support Team
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Hi @khodson


I have sent the request to have you Opt out of the TV charge. 


If you feel that you have been mis-sold please follow our complaints procedure