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"An update on your broadband contract" email

Enlightened One
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Hoping one of the OCE's can check/clarify the status of my renewal order (hoping it has actually gone through)


I had an email with "An update on your broadband contract" sent on the 8th of June (12 days ago at time of writing this), in it were options for what to do next as my contract was nearing the end of it's run.


I decided that "The third option available for you is to move onto a new, matching Fibre 65 contract for £24.45 per month** for another 24 months, plus FREE TalkTalk TV for 24 months (£4 a month thereafter). Click here to order now." was the best for me and actually did click on the linked "here" part some days later (not the 12th as I had other pressing issues then)


I was then met with a page saying "Thanks for choosing a new plan".


Talktalk renew 20-06-2022.jpeg



Now I realise it says on that page that I should receive an email within 10 working days, but having gotten a bill today with increased amounts and no mention of the new contract, I'm slightly worried that the "Click here to order now." didn't actually work.


Could an OCE check if it did actually initiate the order or not?


Thanks once again,




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Enlightened One
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Thanks guys. I need some hard drinks before calling them, judging by some of the issues listed here!



Support Team
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hi @Sidious


Sorry that you are having problems, sorry  the renewal did not go through.


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088 The will be able to help.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


Community Star
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I'll flag up to staff that this process doesn't seem to be working properly for renewals, @Sidious.


You are best picking this bone with the loyalty team directly by phoning 03451 720088 after 9am. 


Meanwhile, I'll move this to the billing section. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.