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"Free" upgrade to Fibre

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Has anyone else had a "free" upgrade to fibre 35 that wasn't actually free and costs them more money? I received an email in May saying I would be upgraded to fibre at no extra cost. My current broadband package was £19.95 per month. I was upgraded in June (I believe) and ever since I have been charged £21 per month. I contacted TT via the live chat and was told I must have upgraded myself by accident online and she had no idea about the emails I received from TT about the upgrade. The other issue is my contract ends in Feb and I will then be forced to pay £29.95 per month (the full price as it stands) for a fibre contract that I did not ask for or sign up to. It seems these upgrades are just a way for TT to force customers into paying more money.... very sneaky and dishonest in my opinion.


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Prices were raised for your package in April 2021, we issued a notification to your email address in March, giving you the required 30 days notice and the option to cancel you service without penalty in that 30 day timescale. 


Sorry that you missed the email. 


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I haven't always paid £21. I have the email in front of me and my contract was taken out for 24 months and it states it's a fixed price of £19.95 for the broadband. I guess fixed no longer means fixed if TT can abandon the pricing part way through as pointed out by the other replies.

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Hi Rach3


Thanks for you post. 


Have you checked your previous bills?, as far as I can see you have always paid £21 for the broadband package, and £4 for TV. even after the upgrade to fibre the price is the same. 




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@Rach3 wrote:

my contract ends in Feb and I will then be forced to pay £29.95 per month 


You will always have the option of contacting TalkTalk near the end of your contract period to negotiate a renewal deal, rather than going on to the full price rolling monthly contract.


As @Gliwmaeden2 says, TalkTalk has on 2 occasions this year invoked a get out clause to abandon their "fixed price" promise and increase our monthly costs by £2 or £2.50 respectively, so if you had stayed on your ADSL package you would likely be paying more than £21 now anyway, so it looks like you ended up with not a bad deal in the grand scheme of things.


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@Rach3, when your contract expires, if you had still been on Fast Broadband, the full price would be £32.00.


Fast Broadband is a more expensive product than Fibre35 or Fibre65, precisely because they don't want to keep people on it (& it's unfortunate if we don't have the option of changing to Fibre, so in that respect you were lucky to get it).


There are no longer fixed price packages unless you pay "fixed price plus" which hedges you against the price rises that have been announced to happen each April from next year.


Use the forum search engine to check "pricing" for the list of full price packages. 


Use the Ts&Cs (link at the foot of the page) to read clause 16 and clause 9.


Clause 16 was used from March this year to increase prices for customers, first on Fast Broadband, and Faster Fibre from March/April: that would have been a £2.00 increase, so if you were paying £19.95 previously, your new bills, having been notified, would then have been £21.95. 


There would have been changes that affected you, regardless of the upgrade.


Whatever has actually happened, staff will be able to check it over for you.


I will move this to the billing section of the community, where your thread will be in the queue for attention. 


If it's not reached by staff today, it will be next week, Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.