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"Renew with one click" not working? BE AWARE.....

First Timer
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BE AWARE, if you were informed that your contract renewal price INCLUDED Talk Talk TV for 18 months and your 'one click' renewal didn't work, then when having to renew your contract by other means get confirmation BEFORE accepting renewal on what's INCLUDED because by slight of hand the original offer to include Talk Talk TV was omitted and I was being told that this would always have to incur a £4 a month charge "as it always has done". 
Wrong! I would strongly advise you keep the original email/renewal notice as proof of the contract's details, terms and conditions when you tried to renew with 'one click!
Whilst I acknowledge that my contract has now been renewed on the terms and conditions that were offered to me back in December on the renewal notice received from Talk Talk, my contract was renewed with anything but 'one click'.
After the 'one click' renewal procedure failed to renew my contract, a frustration shared with other customers in the community forum I noticed, it then took over 2 tedious hours on a live chat session, where I was constantly being told that I could only renew my contract on less favourable terms than those originally offered to me which was where the 'Fibre 35 £22 a month price INCLUDED Talk Talk TV (discounted FREE for 18 months, £4/mth thereafter)'.  
The majority of questions I asked were being left largely unanswered, going around and around in circles, only after expressing my intention to complain and take this matter a lot further was I then finally told that actually yes I could renew my contract on the original terms offered. 
This whole process of having to go through community forums who were unable to help and then directing you to a telephone number that is nigh on impossible to get through on and then having to use a 'live chat' that takes an unacceptable amount of time to communicate and resolve anything by is quite honestly shocking from a customer service point of view, not to mention exhausting, but I suspect that's the whole idea and point of it all. 
And whilst I totally accept we are in unusual times during a pandemic, that is in no way an excuse or had any relevance to the way my renewal of contract was actually handled, and from what I perceive to be a big technical error (or perhaps a serious lack of judgement) that has clearly let down a lot of customers through no fault of their own trying to renew their contracts with 'one click', treating loyal customers like myself in this way does not bode well or inspire confidence in Talk Talk.
Good luck.

Support Team
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Hi Jimmy712


Thank you for renewing 


I'm sorry that you are unhappy with the one click process, the aim was to make it as trouble free as possible to renew a contract, sadly with automated systems from time to time the process fails, we can only apologize that this happened to you in this instance. 


I will pass on your feedback to the marketing team.