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"Your broadband charges" email

Team Player
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Can someone confirm if the recent "Your broadband charges" email is genuine.

It's offering Fibre 35 for £23.50 for 18 months with a link to click.  Appears to be from <> and has the usual T&Cs footer I would expect to see, but being cautious I thought I'd check.


Here's the text from the email

Over the last couple of years, our daily lives have changed and we’re all realising how important it is to stay connected. We’ve seen many of our customers increase their broadband usage, using their internet to work from home, stream their favourite Netflix shows, catch up with friends and family on video calls, and much more.

You’re currently out of contract on your Faster Fibre package and paying £34.86 per month*, excluding any additional extras or boosts you may have (including your Speed Boost). We want to highlight some of the options available to you going forward. As part of our commitment to fairer broadband for all of our customers, we’ve outlined these potential next steps for you below, along with simple instructions on how you can take up these offers should you wish.

The first option available to you is to stay on your existing service and continue enjoying the same reliable connection. You don’t have to do anything at all, and you’ll continue paying £34.86 per month*, with the option to upgrade or move onto a new plan whenever it suits you.

The second option available to you is to move onto a matching Fibre 35 plan for £23.50 per month** for 18 months. To learn more about this offer click here.

*If you are subject to an annual price change, the price listed will include your annual price change in line with Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation plus 3.7%. Changes to your monthly price will show on your March bill.

Prices listed do not include charges for any other additional services not mentioned above. If you wish to review all of your products, services and available offers, visit My Account.

As you are no longer in a contract you can change to another provider without any early termination charges. Find out more here.

Thanks for being a TalkTalk customer, we hope you continue to enjoy all the benefits of your great value connection.

Your TalkTalk Team

Graeme McDowell

Community Star
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I'll move your duplicate post (from earlier in the day) out of the way, as the issue appears to have been resolved here, @GraemeMcD.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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 Thanks for the replies - will give it a go, although slightly confused by the 18 month price which actually goes up in price Apr 23!!

Graeme McDowell

Support Team
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Hi GraemeMcD


Yes its genuine.  


You can also call us on  03451720088 and the loyalty team can get you a better deal. 




Team Player
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i got the same email. called talktalk. they knew about it and said the email offer was subject to the price increase in april but  i also had an offer in my account for the same service at £26 this they said was not subject to the april price increase and would stay ay £26 for 18 months. they offered me the £26 deal for "24.95 and guaranteed it would not increase for 18 months. bit sceptical though so posted on here to double check