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request help from OCE

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2a.jpg3.JPGHi sorry to trouble you but I require your assistance on two matters

On the 5.11.2021 I contacted TalkTalk by telephone and informed them that I would not be renewing my contract on 26.11.2021 and was NOT moving to another broadband provider , but in fact going to a mobile provider and as such did not require a phone line or broadband after the 26.11.2021

They said that they were sorry to see me go and confirmed my leave date  as 26.11.2021, which they confirmed in writing

they also added on the phone call that they may or may not send a return bag for the router?

This I find unacceptable as at some future date I could be billed for the none return of equipment

I therefore respectfully request a returns bag or written confirmation that I can dispose of the router.

The second matter regards billing

My end date is the 26/11/2021 with an outstanding payment due 23 Nov to 26 Nov of  £3.22 as shown on the attached bill

And not  an extra £27.75 for the period 27 Nov to 22 Dec making a total bill of £30.97

I would appreciate you rendering any assistance regarding these two request

I have PM details to Karl and Arne

And as always regards and respects




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thank you for he update martswain / i was not aware of that ruling/point taken ,thanks again


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@emma2121 staff members will not reply to unsolicited PMs

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thanks for your reply Gliwmaeden2 you are a star


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@emma2121, billing is automatically sent out to cover 30 days, regardless, (which also allows for people changing minds etc). The next month will show the excess amount credited back on your account. Subsequently your final bill will be for £0.00.


Leave your Direct Debit in place to both cover this month's bill and to claim back the credit which should show in My Account next month.


There should be no problem getting a returns bag sent out to you.


Staff reply during the day Monday to Friday on here - please look out for their response. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.