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retentions number

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hello guys. my contract is up in a few weeks and i need to haggle a new deal. anyone know the retentions number for talktalk?  cheers


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thanks arne

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hi arne. just a reminder to re add my free speed boost for the next 12 months starting from tomorrow 25th. cheers

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ok thanks arne, as long as i won't need to phone retentions again that's fine.

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Hi @guitarman3


Sorry There is a slight problem with this, we will need to let the boost expire on the 24th, then I can readd it. 


I will ensure that it is correctly activated Friday 25th.


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thanks for your help arne. i think i could manage without the boost for 24 hours so if you could renew it straight away and then re-add it tomorrow with the discount that would be great.

once again it's very much appreciated.


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Hi @guitarman3


Your speed boost discount expires on 24th, So either, I can renew it on 25th, (so you dont have to call)  or in order for me renew it straight away I will need to remove the boost for at minimum of  24 hours, in order to re-add it. tomorrow. 


Which do you prefer?  

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thanks arne

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Hi @guitarman3  


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 





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ok so been on to retentions and after being cut off i called back and was told that the fibre speed boost would be free for the next 12 months but the system could not accept the free boost discount. i was asked to call back in 10 days just before my old contract expires and hope the discount could be applied then. i told the adviser i wasn't happy and about having to call again but she said there was nothing she could do.
still considering leaving if the fibre boost isn't honoured.

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thanks for the advice, i'll do that right away

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My understanding is that renewal only applies to the underlying package and any existing Boosts are "carried over," but only at whatever previous basis they happened to be. That being the case I would get back on to the retentions team and try to renegotiate your overall deal accordingly.


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the fibre speed boost was part of the discounted contract so the £25 includes the boost. are you now saying there will be an extra £5 charge on top of the £25 bringing it to £30pm? if this is the case then i've been seriously misled and may consider cancelling my contract.


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Hi @guitarman3


I can confirm that you have renewed your contract till 24.10.2020.  at £25 per month. 


FYI your fibre speed boost discount  is about to expire, so the boost will cost £5 extra from next month. 



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Flagged up to the OCE to check for you, bear in mind that they won't be back online until Monday.

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just been on to retentions and agreed a price freeze on my contract for the next 12 months. currently paying £25pm for bb faster fibre boost and evening and weekend calls. could one of you kind ops please confirm this has been processed. thanks

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Hi @guitarman3 


The normal route is via any of the contact us channels and ask for the Loyalty team.


Retentions are usually the back stop and they'll try and find you the best deal to keep you. Try 0345 172 0121.


But here's a new style of comparison website called ismybillfair. Select TalkTalk and see what other TalkTalk customers say they are paying.  At the end there's a form and it's claimed that TalkTalk will call you to find you a better deal.  


I'd like some feedback to see if that does work for existing customers and that TalkTalk will give you the promised same deal as new customers.

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Probably best to do it on chat, and ask for the loyalty team. You can keep a transcript then of what was promised for when it goes wrong, sorry I meant if.

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