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talk talk overcharged me

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talk talk responded by saying the reason for over charge is because they removed me from my package. this is without letting me know. at the time of my first complain, they told me they removed the boost & refund the overcharge the fallowing month. they did not make it clear that without my permission or letting me know, they moved me from my original package.

boost is a scam. according to reports criminal offer free drug and tobacco to kids and poor to addict them before overcharging them later. my package was £ 29.45. once boost was removed any reasonable person expect it to be returned to original package. I have been advised to contact my service provider before referring to them. so far talk talk has ignored my points. they tell me itemized bill dose not load because of my program, that is crazy when their sales page fully and instantaneously load up. account load up, but click on itemized to see detail of my bill. it is conveniently blank. 

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Hi @ferry please do as @martswain has advised and continue on your earlier topic. I am locking this as a duplicate. 


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@ferry  you have already had a staff reply here


PLEASE look at and reply on there, do not keep opening new topics on the same issue, it gets very confusing


The staff member also advised what you need to do to view the bills.