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talktalk illicit mid-contract price increase 2021

First Timer
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around april this year, midway through my 18-month fixed-price contract, talktalk announced that they were to increase my monthly payment by £2/mth. i told them not to do this, but they applied the increase nonetheless. many letters and months later (after the usual denial & delays) they have confirmed that they will refund me the illicitly taken £2/mth, and also compensate me for costs incurred in challenging them (letter-writing time, paper, postage).
i am posting this here to encourage others to challenge talktalk, rather than simply rolling over and accepting their cheating behaviour. i have seen here that others that have become disgruntled about the situation have mostly either renegotiated their contract or left talktalk.
i hope that you enjoy your attempt to get them to adhere to their contracted arrangement – it will work out if you persevere.


Support Team
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Hi @timmo77 


Thanks for your post.


I'm glad you got a result that your happy with.  Can you add your landline number to your community profile i'd like to review the complaint notes as your case sounds like the exception rather than the rule. 


Thank you.


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The rises were perfectly compliant with all legislation and the terms and conditions of your contract.


@timmo77  nothing was taken illicitly, there was no cheating behaviour, you are actually incorrect in that assumption.


However, as you seem to have moaned long and hard about it, they have agreed to pay you to shut you up !


Nothing more than that.