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16 days no service, zero compensation - where next?

First Timer

At the start of my TalkTalk broadband I had 9 days of no service. In the end I gave up attempting to communicate with the agents and let it go. 
More recently I lost all services again, for 8 days ending on 28th November 2020. The phone operator confirmed again and again I would receive compensation. Here I am 3 months later with nothing but a string of garbled emails saying ‘no event was logged’. An engineer was called - how does the event not exist!! 
My question is where to next as I’m disappointed in myself for giving up last time and just not prepared to let this one slide just because the communication routes are so incredibly difficult. So, where to next?? 

Community Star

Automatic compensation was affected at various times over the past year, so it probably depends on exactly when you were without a service, @Ksp8t


Current guidelines are here:


There's a Complaints Code too which you can access at the foot of any TT page. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.
First Timer

Thank you, I’ve given up on the first incident as it was October 2019 - it’s just made me more determined on this recent one! This was 8 days ending November 28th 2020. The agent replies just say “I’m not authorised to give refunds above £10” “no event was logged” - so how do I get to the person that DOES deal with compensation for 8 days no service?! 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Ksp8t,


I'm sorry to read this, I've sent you a PM so that we can complete security checks with you and look into this further.