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ADSL drops when raining, constant reconnects, dropouts

Popular Poster

Our normally stable connection frequently drops speed and disconnects when it is raining.

Today, it is raining particularly hard and our DSL-3780 has reconnected multiple times.  We are also seeing huge numbers of ‘error’d seconds’. 

For a short time this afternoon, when it was not raining so hard we had a reasonable connection period. 

I have, however noted dropout on other days when it is raining. 

The house is newly built with underground cabling and an ‘Open-Reach’ fibre cabinet about ½ mile away, which I assume we are routed through.

Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've ran a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. Are you also experiencing any issues with the voice service when it rains such as noise on the line or no dial tone?


Does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then can you confirm if the router is connected to the test socket at the moment?




Popular Poster

Thank you for your quick response, today it has not rained since 05:00 and the drop-outs are reducing (over 40 minutes uptime), as are error’d seconds,  line speed is also increasing.

We do not have a BT ‘Master-Test’ socket inside the property, Openreach installed this type of connection box, which I understand has the bell capacitor and spark arresters etc; i.e. the master socket functions, built in.


Several of the neighbours have had this arrangement replaced already, as a batch of these boxes proved to be faulty in use.  Ours is now seven years old.


There is no audio line noise apparent in use, however incoming calls frequently cause the ADSL to drop, or cause a noticeable reduction in performance for the duration of the call.

Can anyone recommend software I can keep running in background to keep a check on performance and drop-outs, as I only have ‘snap-shots’ from the router stats to go by:-


  • System uptime:                0d:5h:4m:32s
    Modem ADSL (Sync) uptime:      0d:0h:2m:30s
    Interleaving:      On
    ADSL mode:       ADSL2+
    ADSL setting:     VPI: 0    VCI: 38
    ADSL line speed (kbps): Up: 763 Down: 6578
    Line attenuation (dB):    Up: 23.3               Down: 44.9
    SN margin (dB): Up: 9.8  Down: 6.1
    Total errors seconds:      65751



I will not be able to test further until the weekend, when I intend to temporarily connect the router directly to a new ‘Master Socket’ removing the suspect external box from the equation.

Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


Thanks for the information. 


I can see from the line history that your connection is dropping and the error count is intermittently very high. Please let us know how you get on with the testing at the weekend





Popular Poster

Thank you Chris,


For your information, our data kit is time-switched off between the hours of 00:15 and 06:30 every day - since we don’t ‘surf’ when asleep!


This saves us 0.7-1 kWh of wasted power overnight.  Thus, you will see a regular daily disconnect/connect pattern at these times.

Community Team

Thanks for letting us know, I can see router isn't in sync through the night as well as the drops through the day


Popular Poster

Here is an update from this morning’s ‘tinkering’.  Having previously checked with yourselves, contacting both BT and OpenReach, no one seems to know what this underground termination box is, fitted on the outside wall of my property.  I was originally given to understand it housed the bell capacitor, spark arrestor etc. thereby acting as a Master Socket, this seems to have been acceptable for the last seven years, since the house was built.

I have therefore installed a new NTE-5 in its place, re-wiring around the components of the external ‘box’ – This means that I finally have an indoor ‘master socket’ (to appease those help-desk operatives who simply couldn’t comprehend that I didn’t have one) – (As an aside, It would be well for TalkTalk to run a short course on OpenReach termination systems; as to my certain knowledge, there are 198 houses on our estate that have these boxes installed from new, no houses having an internal master socket).

Initial testing, after installation - No change in performance with existing setup.  I then moved the router to the location of the new ‘Master Socket’ – These devices are wired such that; upon removing the front plate, all of the internal cabling of the house is disconnected, leaving only a direct link, router to exchange – Again, there was no appreciable improvement; I admit I was a bit disappointed, being open to the thought that, perhaps the house internal wiring might be at fault but it seems not so:-

I get 6Mbps down and 0.8 up.  This rate has not changed significantly since March – except, of course for days when it is raining.  I am monitoring the situation and awaiting the next shower with some interest!

Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


Thanks for the update. Is your router still connected to the test socket? If it is still connected or if you connect it again, we can try optimising your connection to see if DLM will settle on a faster profile



Popular Poster
Chris, can you tell me if DLM is on or off by default? Given that we power off the router overnight.
Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


DLM is always on by default



Popular Poster

Chris, thanks for the DSL information.  At present we are synching up at:- 967 upstream and 7167 down, these are consistent and very adequate for our use.


My understanding is that DLM, is exactly that, ‘Dynamic’ and I don’t quite understand therefore, your offer to optimise the connection?


I appreciate that; depending on the default thresholds set, we may be upsetting the DLM stability statistics by shutting down overnight, but this does not seem to have affected us for the past year, or so.


Regarding using the ‘Test Socket’, with a dry circuit on Saturday I could find no significant difference in ‘ping’ or download speeds, whether using the ‘test-direct-to-exchange’ connection or via our internal house cabling.  In fact the main difference noted was which subnet we were assigned to, with 79.78.2xx being marginally slower than 79.78.19x subnets - but it’s very marginal.


My original issue was poor performance during wet weather and, of course, since I’ve re-wired, it hasn’t rained!  Therefore I feel I should continue monitoring, but leave well alone for now and; as said, await a good rain shower to confirm success or failure.


Thanks for your help and I’ll ‘bump’ this thread when I next have some results.


Best regards
Colin Barrett


Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


Ok thanks for the update and let us know how the connection compares next time it rains.




Popular Poster

Dear Chris & Michelle,


Well, we’ve certainly had a lot of rain since mid-July!  I have also kept the router on overnight lately, just to see.  Since adding the replacement Master-&-Test socket, there have been no dropouts or speed reduction at all, even in bouts of heavy rain.


I conclude that either the external ‘OpenReach’ box was at fault, or more likely simply re-connecting the wires after seven years has now cleared the fault.


We have a consistent 700-900 uplink and 7167 down, both in the test socket and via the house cabling (the upload speed seems ‘fixed’ and never varies).


Current stats from the router after 2-½ days running:-


ADSL line speed (kbps):

Up: 976

Down: 7167

Line attenuation (dB):

Up: 22.6

Down: 44.2

SN margin (dB):

Up: 6.2

Down: 6.1

Total errors seconds:


Downstream FEC’s = 36891 and CRC’s = 1995

Which is all very good as far as we are concerned.

Thanks for your help and consider the case closed.


Best regards,
Colin Barrett

Community Team

Hi Kahawi,


Thanks for keeping us updated and I'm glad to hear that the stability and speed have improved :)