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Amazon mesh eero trial

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I recently accepted an invite for the above talktalk trial.


I am on the Fibre 150 package and have both router and openreach modem. As I do not have FTTP I am now wondering if my broadband is compatible with the trial. Since I received the invite, I naturally assumed that talktalk would only sign me up if they knew my package was compatible. There was no information or specifications with the invite.


I am now unsure if my above assumptions were correct and would appreciate if someone can confirm if my setup will be compatible with this trial?


If not, how do I cancel my acceptance?


Depending on above can anyone confirm if my package will work using mesh technology? I have read conflicting advice on other platforms so have got totally confused.


Many thanks in advance for any help and advice.


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I received two eero Pro routers today. Setup was a doddle after I realised that internet connection was required to register the device, hence using my WiFi only iPad was a mistake! Well impressed so far with the coverage and app functionality. I previously hard wired an old Time Capsule for 2.4ghz devices, plus I connected an old router to create a third network to get garden coverage (this was a pain cos it didn’t have bridge mode, so I had to override the DHCP settings and create a non default IP address range for it - which also meant I couldn’t see my Google Home devices whilst attached to it!). Eero has eliminated all these problematic setup issues in one fell swoop! I am so pleased they both came with Ethernet ports, as I have connected the second one via Ethernet backhaul (repurposed a Cat5e phone cable to run hard wire from upstairs at the master socket to my media centre in living room) and then run an Ethernet cable from 2nd eero into a cheap TP-Link switch so I can hardwire my telly and other media devices. Works a treat! Totally chuffed to be part of the trial.


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When you first set up the Eero devices in the app it initially connects via Bluetooth so that you can configure the SSID and password. 


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if i connect my eero to the modem and only use this how do i keep the same ssid so all my other devices will still stayed connected



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I had an email today to say that I haven't been successful in taking part even though I had an email a few weeks ago to say I have been accepted... 


Absolute joke, considering the original email came out in may stating they are conducting the trials in April... 

Please sign here

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Hi Chris do you have the information as to how I leave a review of the eero 6 trail product as I cannot find the information in any emails regarding the trial as I have received it and have been using it for a few days now and all is well so far.


mandy and rhys


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My understanding is that phase 1 people got emails on May 24th about equipment being delivered (this is when I received my email), and phase 2 folk would have received emails this week. As far as I know there are only two phases - if you haven’t had any further comms it seems unlikely that you are part of the trial. 


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Wondering if anyone from TalkTalk is actually monitoring this thread or it's just a coincidence that @p4ulrob84 , @Geordie482 & @Mcfcforever got emails saying that the equipment would be delivered within 5 days after posting on here. 🤔


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Still haven't received any communication here 😢


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Received mine today X2 eero pro 6.

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I’ve received 3 x Eero 6 routers, so all three have 2 x Ethernet - and therefore a wired back haul should work. I live in a large-ish old house with solid walls throughout and they connected up wirelessly better than I thought they would and I’ve not had any problems. 


You get a TalkTalk instruction booklet which mentioned two key points before following the Eero app instructions

1. “Don’t: Power off your modem at any point. We know the app says to do this, but for the best experience: don’t!”

2. “Do: Power off your router and unplug any cables that are plugged into your modem apart from the main power supply”. 


Because I removed my TT router I didn’t have to mess about with bridging anything. Eero directly into OR modem. 

All that said, I don’t know if everyone in the trial will receive the same hardware. 


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Ah good!

Did it come with instructions on how to set it up with your talktalk router or were you left to figure it out?
Did you have to make many changes to your existing router setup to get it to work?
I hear some people say you cant set the TalkTalk router to bridge mode and have to set the eero to bridge?

I also hear the eero 6 extenders don't have ethernet. Is that correct? And so cant be used for wired backhaul.

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I received 3 x Eero 6. 

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And what eero system did you get?


Eero original?

Eero 6

Eero pro

eero 6 pro

Eero extender?

Eero beacon?

and how many did you get? 2? 3?









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I’m on Future Fibre, so I removed the TT router completely and connected the Eero directly to the OpenReach FTTP modem. Works a treat. 

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I'm in the same boat, I use the ethernet ports on the back of the router. Problem is that turning off wi-fi on the router doesn't stop it acting as a DHCP server, which could clash with the eero. You can't put a TT router into a bridge mode, so seems we'll need to put the eero into bridge mode instead. Doing that reduces functionality of the mesh system, from what I understand...?


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I'm on fibre 250, I will be turning WiFi off on my router and allow the eero to control the WiFi. I can't afford to lose the ports until I get round to sorting my cabling out. 


I think the perfect method is the eero replaces your router altogether and goes direct from the modem. 

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Interested to know which package those that have been accepted are on and whether they are all on a package (Fibre 150 or higher) with a separate Openreach modem? Is the expectation that we lose the Sagem  F5364 router and replace it with the eero attached directly to the modem, or is the eero introduced in addition to both? If the latter, is it modem->router->eero or modem->eero->router!!??


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I received the same email today, I should receive the kit in 5 days. 


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I've had an email today, stating that my equipment will be delivered in the next 5 days.  

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I just received email to say I have been successful and the equipment will be delivered in 5 days