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Are you throttling/ making my broadband disconnect to get me to up grade to fibre

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Past few days my internet keeps dropping out sometimes for a few mins other times for 6-8 hrs


Nothing has changed on the set up of the router , the microfilter is pugged in, theres no extentions or landline phones plugged into it

i've been on and off customer support text chat, they run the tests, theres nothing wrong with the exchange, but they see that my internet keeps disconnecting and cant tell me why so

First of all I was told open reach needed to come out an appointment was made, next day internet came back, so cancelled it can't afford to pay £65 if its working on the day,then less then a couple hours later internets gone again,same story again today soon as i move to do something else i get back and its disconnected so turn off the router and wait then it comes back so 

Next a router is on the way ,which considering you were sending open reach to look at the line I can't see why it would help, it drops out so many times a day when theres not even anything connected to ittheres a solid red light if i'm lucky 


I say are you throttling it or slowing it down cause when i look at my service status, it gives me no clues whats wrong all its trying to do is get me to upgrade to fibre , i have emails saying upgrade to fibre which i was toldby customer support was a scam so I ignored it, 


the internet keeps dropping out so much I would leave but i'm in contract till december and i'm not willing to pay a fee to jump ship early, when its not an issue of my causing i've been a customer for a good 4 years and this is the first time i have hit problems which seemingly cant be fixed 


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Hi mickfoley888


We would need to confirm possible engineer charges before can arrange this visit. If the fault is not present at the time of the visit and the engineer is unable to detect any faults then engineer charges can be applied.








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And its gone again.


I will only agree to openreach coming if I'm not going to be charged for it.

If I'm gonna be charged then I will escalate it to the CEO, 


How can you claim this, when its clearly an itermitant fault, 

I only cancelled it be cause your T&cs here

Claim that 

What we charge for  No fault found at time of visit.


Not exactly very clear is it,just because it might be working on the day will I be charged or because it has been dropping out regularly and even if on the day it happens to be working ,I won't be charged.


I'm close to leaving fed up of being messed around.



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Hi mickfoley888


I'm sorry to hear this.


I can request another engineer visit, would you like me to arrange this?






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no great surprise after working for 4 days.

Cancelling the openreach appointment to avoid £65 charge if no fault found,

Come home tonight to a redlight on my router,


This is a joke,


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i had it cancelled I'm not getting ripped off by you and I'm just going to have to escalate my complaint right to the top level, 


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Hi mickfoley888,


If the connection is still intermittent then it may worth proceeding with the engineer visit to see if there are any potential issues. How long has the connection now remained stable for?





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Yeah thats the problem the fault seems to have cleared now and I don't want to be liable for a £65 charge 


What we charge for
No fault found at time of visit.

I don't want to pay for it but at the same time do not want to cancell it unless the internet starts dropping out again


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Hi mickfoley888,


I can see that you now have an engineer visit booked, please let us know how you get on 



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better still miss one call by 5seconds you end up sat on hold for ages having to call them back 


this is pathetic 


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there is no test socket behind the face plate only the socket where the face plate connected to the wall.


you can run the test if you want but nothing good has come of it so far. 


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I've gone through the hoops of live chat and them running the same tests then you go back for the results and you get no coherent answer,


Its oh we will send a new router

we need to charge you £65 for a repair,

theres a fault but we don't know what this is

we can't give you an update,

we don't see a problem

you need to upgrade to fibre 

your speeds too low,


no closer to getting it fixed and still waiting for a call about the complaint i raised,


rang me for less then 5 seconds by time i got phone out of pocket had rung off this is a joke, 


its coming up to a week of dropping out at keast if not more then 9 times a day, 


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Hi mickfoley888


Apologies for this.


Is the replacement router connected at the test socket? I can then pass this fault over to our Network Team for investigation.






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4 times in the last 50 mins, up to 9 times that ive noticed today,


fed up of this now. 


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and again twice in space of 5 mins,


Thats five times today that I know of, 


This is rediculous 


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and its just gone again this isn't good enough,


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doesn't help its dropped twice since getting really fed up with it 5 days and its still not fixed.


its just dropped in the last ten mins as well came back and the light was red, 


this is getting silly now.


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Hi mickfoley888,

The drop out in the early hours of this morning was a profile change by DLM to improve stability, since then the connection appears to have been stable, how has it been at your end?



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none of this is getting it fixed 


I keep having the tests ran by live chat who then claim yes its dropping but we can't see why,


I've given up talking to them because I never get a proper answer of whats wrong with it and you end up sat wasting 25 mins before they even  decide to run the tests instead of running them right away to save time 


I've swapped routers and it still cuts out no ryme or reason 

Swapped them back same thing 

I'm sat looking at it down cause its just dropped out again 

the internet light just keeps blinking green doesn't stay solid like it used to.


This is 5 days of intermitant service with no sign of it actually getting fixed.


If a new router hasn't fixed it then it has to be something to do with the connection to the property.


You can send open reach out but I won't pay £65 for an intermittant fault which is caused by wires in the wall not a router or anything I've plugged into the socket.


I need more of an answer then we're working on your fault or we can see its unstable but don't know why,


If I'm stuck in contract till december or even if I decide to pay the fees to leave before then and go to somewhere else you need to fix what is obviously broken on your end, 


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OK, thanks for confirming, wait for further advice from the OCE now.


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Yeah it is going round in circles slightly now, 


There is no noticeable noise on the phone,


It sounds how it should sound,