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Big uploads lead to disconnection and/or super slow download of other devices

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I have tried to upload some pics (~300MB) to make an online album and every time I try this upload (or any upload of significant size) other devices that are connected to my broadband either disconnect completely from the WiFi (forcing me to connect to 4G network) or have super slow download speed.


I have a Huawei DG8041W-2.T5 router that is very good on downloads and this is the only issue I have with this router.


Is it something related to the router settings/firmware or an actual rule from the ISP? Also wondering about bufferbloat here.


Thanks for your support.


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Thanks a lot for your great and prompt support. Much appreciated.


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Hi @nrf77


I can see that a refund has now been requested. 


Should be with you shortly.


Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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Could you send over your details using the following link?


We’ll need two characters from your telephone password ( After this we’ll be able to talk about things in more detail




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Hi @nrf77


I can do this for you, I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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Hi Michelle-TalkTalk,


in my latest Talktalk bill I have just been charged £50 as "equipment charge" for not returning equipment. This refers to the Sagemcom hub I have received back in March.


I have been waiting for the firmware update either on the Huawei hub or the Sagemcom hub before I choose which one to use/return. Given the delays in the firmware release, I have not returned any hub.


Can you please cancel this charge from my account? Until a new firmware is released that fixes my upload issue and I can decide on which hub to keep I believe I shouldn't get charged for not returning the hub.


I can also return the Sagemcom hub and wait for the firmware update on just the Huawei hub, if Talktalk prefer, as long as the charge is lifted.


Please advise.


Many thanks for your support.


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Apologies. The firmware has been delayed slightly as an issue was detected during the testing so further testing is now taking place before we can fully roll this out. It's looking like it will now be next month at the earliest.





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I am just bumping this thread ad advised by Chris-Talktalk.


Any update on whether a new firmware has been released and for which hub so that I can plug in the right hub to get the firmware updated accordingly?


Thanks for your support.


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Hi Chris,


I am just following up on this topic to check if you have a new firmware release. If so, is that for the Sagemcom hub, the Huawei hub or both, so that I know which router to plug in to receive the firmware update.




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Hi nrf77,

We don't have a date yet for the release. The firmware is updated automatically but we don't notify customers when it's about to be released. If you could bump the thread in two or three weeks we can let you know if there's any further information about release date



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Thanks OCE_Chris.


Do you have an indication as to when the new firmware will be deployed?


Will TT deploy it remotely and advise when that is about to happen, in which case I need to make sure my Sagemcom hub is on, as at the moment I am using a mix of Sagemcom hub and Thomson Speedtouch router (the latter for the big uploads)?




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Hi nrf77,


Thanks for the feedback. There is new firmware on the way which should hopefully resolve this issue, apologies for any inconvenience



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Hi OCE_Michelle and OCE_Debbie,


I have received the Sagemcom hub and tried. Connections to other devices do not drop when uploading large files, but download speed is still severely affected. (the Huawei hub also had connection drops while uploading large files, which does not seem to happen with the Sagemcom hub)


Below is a screenshot of a speedtest using the Huawei hub with no upload ongoing



When uploading large files the following happens (still with the Huawei hub)

Screenshot_ Huawei_upload.png


The following is instead a speedtest on the Sagemcom hub with no upload ongoing



and the following with the Sagemcom hub and with upload of large files ongoing




In general the Sagemcom hub is better (as there are no connection drops when uploading large files) but both the Sagemcom and the Huawei hubs do not seem to allow sensible downloads while uploading large files.


Now - I have also tried an old Thomson speedtouch router (from 2009!) that a friend gave me at the time and there is no issue there with downloading while uploading large files.

Below is a speedtest on the Thomson speedtouch router with no big upload ongoing:




and below is a speedtest with big uploads ongoing (still Thomson speedtouch router)



I had switched to the Huawei hub originally as I thought the Thomson speedtouch was old technology, also in terms of WPA2 security.


I think the issue seen with the Huawei and Sagemcom hubs may be down to QoS and SQM (smart queue management) settings, rather than these routers not having any QoS and/or SQM features in the first place? Unfortunately the GUI of both hubs does not show anything on QoS and/or SQM.


I am temporarily sticking with the Sagemcom hub but I am wondering if that can be set up remotely by TT in order to allow "better" QoS and SQM in order to avoid this issue that seems not be present at all in a router which is 10 years older?


Thanks for the support.


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Hi nrf77


The Sagemcom WIFI hub is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Morning OCE_Michelle,


yes please. Let's try the Sagemcom Wifi Hub.


Thanks for your support.

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Thanks for trying this. Would you like us to send a Sagemcom Wifi Hub instead to see how this compares?




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Hi OCE_Michelle,


I have just tried the following setup: laptop, doing the big upload, connected with Ethernet cable to Ethernet port on the back of the router while other devices are connected wirelessly to the router. This setup works ok, with no loss of connection or drop of download speed on the devices connected wirelessly to the router while the laptop is doing the big upload.


I have then gone back to all devices, including laptop, connected wirelessly to the router and I still experience disconnections or drop of download speed on the devices while the laptop is doing the big upload wirelessly. With this setup I also have a cat flap hub connected via Ethernet cable to one Ethernet port on the back of the router and the connection of the cat flap hub drops too while the laptop is doing the big upload wirelessly.


Any suggestion on how to make the wireless setup work?


Thanks for your support.


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Or for example connecting to the router via USB (as I used to do with an old TalkTalk router) rather than via Ethernet.

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sure - I just wanted to make sure that was indeed the spirit of the test the OCE wanted me to do to test this issue. Maybe for the test to actually be meaningful the router needs to be by-passed?

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Using the ethernet ports on the router is the ONLY way it will work !