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Broadband connection dropping out constantly

My eyes fell out
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I cannot find a live support chat link anywhere, so unfortunately I'm making this request via forum.


I'm adding to the pile of topics about this. Starting on Thursday or Friday, our internet connection drops out constantly. Router maintenance logs/browser/Windows troubleshooter indicate there are DNS issues. I have tried changing DNS to Cloudflare, Google, and Quad9 to see if it makes a difference. I have turned off DHCP and used static IP, just as a test. (seemed to work for a minute but not long). Nothing is fixing it.


I have factory reset the router. I have turned it off for 30 minutes per TalkTalk's troubleshooting guide. We work from home and cannot function on this constant dropping out. TalkTalk's tests online keep saying everything is working fine, firmware is updated, etc. This happens on both our LAN devices and on our Wi-Fi.


Not really looking for advice. The last time we had issues like this, we were sent a new router. Can we just cut straight to another replacement, please?


Support Team
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Hi My eyes fell out,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Could I just ask, is your router currently connected to your Test Socket, if you have one?



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Hi @My eyes fell out,


Do you have the Sagemcom Wi-Fi Hub ?


If so, there is a new release of firmware that resolves the common DNS resolution issues with that router, so if the staff here think that is what is affecting your router (if your LED remains solid white but wired and wireless devices lose internet access then it is quite likely to be this issue) then they will be able to help, they may be able to push the new firmware to your router specifically, or even if not, your router should update fairly soon as the new firmware is being rolled out gradually.