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Broadband contract ending soon

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I am probably what is known as a founder member, been with TT since the Thunderclap Newman adverts, but probably about to leave and join Now. 


Two questions if I may,


When an I able to switch providers without penalty, with utilities (gas/electric) it is around 49 days before contract ending?  


The second, I have been going round in circles trying to find a contact number for retention, could someone lease tell me what it is?


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That is very much the point I was making.  😄


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Thanks Gondola that was just what I needed.


Ferguson, as far as support is concerned outside this forum TT are hopeless, and when I posted on here back in July to try and get help  I didn't get any reply at all. All ISP's will use the same alloy cables (ours are not even copper) so no difference in speed or reliability. If retention match Now I will stay if not I'll go.

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Have a look at the NOW so-called forums before you jump, no support there whatsoever.


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03451 720046 from 9am - 7pm weekdays, till 6pm Saturday. 


Your utility contract is not a model for how Broadband contracts work, @zebidee88.


Out of contract, Talktalk still needs 30 days' notice, or till another Openreach ISP takes over your service. 


Within contract, there are early termination fees as detailed under "pricing" if you search in the forum "what are you looking for?" box. This can be avoided in the last month, as detailed by Gondola. 


Check also the Ts&Cs, linked at the foot of the page.


You'll be invoiced a month ahead as usual. Any overpayment is credited back in the next bill, and can be claimed through My Account (unlike the utility companies which pay credit back directly to the bank account).


Keep your Direct Debit open until you get a final bill for £0.00.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi zebidee88 


In the last 30 days of a current fixed term contract there are usually no early termination fees when switching to another provider that's also using the Openreach network for broadband or Fibre to the cabinet broadband.


Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088, 0345 172 0044 TalkTalk Mobile option 1, Loyalty renewals and cancellations on 0345 172  0046, Retentions on 0345 172  5157, if you're thinking of leaving, are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate.

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