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Broadband down

First Timer

My broadband is down. Done all usual checks and reboots. No changes to my internal setup and run ok until late last night. How do I report this. Only have contact via 4G on mobile.

First Timer

Mine has been down since yesterday lunchtime.  No fault on line according to the service centre check online.  However when I contacted TalkTalk via chat they state there is a fault in my area.  Very unhelpful as website states 'Connection is okay'.  They are unable to tell me when the engineer will visit and state the website will be updated.  Doubtful as there is nothing on the website about the fault.

Ben - TT
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jblaber,


Sorry to hear you're having issues. I'm looking at your line now but can't seem to identify any external issues that could be causing your loss of service. 


I am however unable to communicate with your router. Could you please confirm the make and model of the router you have connected and advise of the light status on the front?




First Timer

Mine also down. Fault identified and fixed on Monday.  Since then it's failed a further 3 times. Down now.  I initiate the line test which "suggests" a line fault but offers no resolution or plan.  It simply reloads the test.  I've had enough tbh.  If there's no stability then I can't work.  Off to BT I think.

First Timer

No internet since Monday. Was told a technician was fixing it as there is a fault. Still no internet 2 days later. Not good enough. How can it take so long? I need my internet for work. This is just not fair

First Timer

Mine also down, engineer was out this morning to fix an issue. Since then have had 2 drop outs.

One at about 1pm for 20-30 mins and this latest one started 1 1/2 hours ago. Just got the red flashing light on the router.

Brendan Northants