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Broadband dropping, having to reset every day??

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Please can you help? One of your techs adjusted the settings. This has made no improvement. This has been like this for months. The only way I can get the WiFi to work is to reset, then I get usable speeds up to 26Mbps. But within a few hours it drops and causes issues. I need reliable WiFi. This is not the service I'm paying for. 


Is this my router at fault? Please can you send another router to test? The telephone works without issue. 


If I can't resolve this I will cancel and try a different provider. Many thanks


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Hi Gwithian Beach House


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.






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You router is connected to the outside system at well above your minimum guaranteed speed.


The throughput is obviously low as indicated by the speed test.


Which Wifi band are you using ?


If your device is dual band, split the SSID names and connect to the other band and test again.


As WiFi can be subject to interference, you should also connect a device by ethernet cable and see what speeds you get.



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Also I believe, there is a guaranteed minimum speed with my service? 11Mbps? Is this to the case? And if I can't get a stable service - how do I receive a refund, cancel and move providers? Many thanks


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