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Broadband dropping out and slow speed

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I need some assistance please, about a month ago I noticed my internet speed had dropped from about 8 to under 1. I contacted talk talk to try to rectify and spent about 3 hours talking to 4 different people to try to sort, I was even left hanging on the mobile phone for about 45 mins at one point and eventually had to hang up and start again, very stressful. Anyway they obviously did something because over the following week the speed slowly crept up to about 7.5 which was fine. A couple of days ago I noticed the router dropping out and my speeds crashing again, down to under 1 at one point. I am in the situation where I cannot face making the calls again and just wondered if someone could look into this and try to replicate the fix from before? I am a bit of a technophobe when it comes to this sort of thing so don't always understand it when asked questions

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Yep, did this and it worked for a while but speed then started dropping back again. Also tried to check router settings to see if firmware problem but unable to access. Router is plugged into pre filtered socket so no need for micro filters either.


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Hi Axa, your post has been flagged for assistance, please remember the team here work office hours so you may not hear till Monday.


Have you tried rebooting your router? Just switch it of, go make a coffee and then switch it back on. This can work.

All the best.

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