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Broadband issues making me want to leave

Team Player

Hi, everyone!


This is the last attempt I will make of fixing this before moving onto a different company.

I have had enough.

Moved house on the 17th, went live on the 28th.

After calling and being promised TWICE I would be called by a case manager (of course that never happened!) I finally got through and lo and behold! I had a "poorly paying customer" flag on my account. Turns out it was wrongly put there and my internet was unblocked. So far, so good...the trouble is...

Every day at 9:30 PM my internet stops working. Line drops, speed drops to around 500kps, everything absolute nightmare.

I want to bypass speaking to some call center guy telling me to "unplug it and plug it back in"

I want a proper OCE to raise this up with someone competent enough to figure out why a service I am paying for and have been paying for the past five years is so damn hard to figure out.

Please don't waste my time and yours with queries like "have you tried the Master Socket?" Or "maybe the router is faulty?". I have tried all the tricks in the book and all my equipment is new and tested at a friend's so I know it works.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dumitru Dobre


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I can see that the SNR is dropping low and this can affect the performance and stability of the connection.


I have reset the port and optimised your connection and the SNR has increased. Please can you monitor this over the next 24hrs and let us know how the connection compares?


If the SNR continues to drop low and you have tested with an alternative router, filter and adsl cable at the test socket then we can escalate this over to our Network Team for investigation.





Team Player

Hello, Debbie!

I have tested the connection today and it seems promises were made in vain. The line is very poor with as much as trying to call somebody over Whatsapp or trying to watch a YouTube video in 720p being met with stutters, disconnects or overall very poor performance. 
Anything more than one device trying to connect at one time causes all the connected devices to experience lag and unstable connection.
Speed tests have shown that my real speed is nowhere near the promised 17 Mbps downstream.
Speaking of which, would you please be able to advise on whether I would need to pay any disconnection fees given that I haven't had the line put in for more than 30 days? I am sorry but this is disappointing and I don't feel happy or listened to, as a customer.
Thank you for your help!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dumitru Dobre,


I'm sorry to hear this. Would you like us to raise this over to our Network Team for further investigation? In regards to potentially cancelling the service, I would recommend contacting our Loyalty Team directly as they will be able to discuss this further with you.




Team Player

If possible, then yes. What I am most concerned with is the fluctuating speed and lag as well as the random disconnects. I would have thought this speed would be suitable for more than one device but clearly something is amiss.
Thank you for your help!
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dumitru,


Your connections stats look OK at the moment, are you experiencing the performance issues on devices connected to your router by Ethernet cable or wi-fi?


Team Player
Hi Chris!
Both, really. I have tried different routers and even flushed my DNS. There are some lag spikes that make my workflow fragmented. I have been away for most of the day today but I will try to monitor my connection tomorrow to see if it's been fixed.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dumitru Dobre


Thanks for your reply.


Please let us know how the connection is today.