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Broadband renewal

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My broadband package expired earlier this year, so I've been on the default service since.  I've noted that TalkTalk has a package at £23.50 pm, which I think meets my needs.  However, when I logged into my account and selected the menu option packages and upgrades two things happened:


1. I was shown only one offer - Fibre 65

2. now I am not shown anything - although I do see very briefly a 404 message, indicating a missing page.


I must say that TalkTalk's web-based account management is very poor, I've just spent the past thirty minutes just trying to get information on my current package and details for the Fibre 35 package.  When I select Fibre 35 from the Broadband all I get is a circle of dots.  This is not the first time this behaviour has occurred.  I am very disappointed by this experience. I just seem to be sent from the account login back to the account login.  And before anyone suggests, I've cleared the browser's cache.  In fact, I remember having a similar problem when I renewed my contract last time.  Also, the online chatbox seems to be absent.


Is this TalkTalk's attempt to prevent existing customers from renewing to a better deal or leaving?  Interestingly, when I renewed last time the TalkTalk agent said that I couldn't take up any offers from the broadband comparison sites, as I am not a new customer.  When I queried the term in the contract that, I quote, "

Offer terms for existing customers 

Offers for Plans advertised by TalkTalk are available to new and existing TalkTalk customers who have less than 90 days remaining within the minimum term of their old contract. Existing customers need to sign a new Plan contract.


I was informed that offers advertised by the broadband comparison sites are not offers from TalkTalk but the comparison site, so the above terms do not apply.  Is this correct?


I've been a TalkTalk customer since they took over Tiscali - nearly twenty years ago, and this is the poorest the service has been.  Perhaps it is now time to look for another service provider.


So how do I get the information I need on my current broadband package and how would I take up the offer for the Fibre 35 package, which is being advertised at £23.50? 


Irritated customer,




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Hi cfam1


Thanks for your feedback, the best option is to call the number that ferguson has given. 


They can help you with this. 


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Sorry to see that you have had issues here, the online renewal process does leave a lot to be desired.


As previously advised, the best way to get a new deal is to contact the loyalty team directly, call 0345 172 5157 after 9:00am tomorrow.

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No I have not renewed.   I find the whole TalkTalk website management, for want of a word, disastrous!  It appears to be a complex web of circular links ending up back to the login page for the account.   This comment is not made lightly.   I dread having to engage with the TalkTalk website.  Doing simple tasks either take a long time, don't go anywhere or just too confusing.  I am not some naive, inexperience user. I have over thirty years of experience working with IT. 


I have two simple tasks to complete:

1) renew my broadband package.  

2) renew my mother's broadband package.


I see on the TalkTalk website are advertising deals as part of the Black Friday Event.  Fibre 35 @ 21/pm and Fibre 65 @£23/pm, for 18 months.  Great just what I need.

I log in to my account.  I select "offers and upgrades".  A page labelled Existing customer offers & upgrades.  The *only* option presented is to renew my existing broadband package at £29.95 for 18 months.


I log out of my account.  I return to the TalkTalk ( - where the deals on are display.  So why are the black friday deals not available when I log in to my account? 


I notice that under the small print, TalkTalk, no longer mention that their deals are available to both new and existing customers - is this  the case?  Does TalkTalk now distinguish between new and existing customers?  Based on my experience through the website this appears to be upheld.




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Hi @cfam1


The Link is valid and a very secure way to ensure that it is the account holder discussing the account. 


Sorry for any confusion caused, Did you manage to renew? 


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Thank you for the responses.  I am using Firefox, but I also encounter similar issues with Microsoft Edge.  (I don't normally use MS Edge it has no extra widgets installed so should not affect the loading of web pages. )


I now have a chat-box, and the TalkTalk (TT) agent- who remained anonymous - stated that security questions needed to be completed before they could access my account then asked me to click on a web link.  Well, given all the warnings about clicking on unsolicited web links this is not a helpful request.  TT do not mention anything about this on their web pages.  I do not recognise the web address nor the company that provides the service.  So should I be expecting this request when dealing with a TT agent via the chat box?  If so then what is the web link I should expect?





Support Team
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Hi cfam1,


I'm sorry you're unable to view what plans and upgrades are available, our Loyalty Team will be able to help and find a deal suitable for you. You can reach them on 0345 172 0046 between 9am and 7pm, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday and 10am - 6pm Sunday. 





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@cfam1 if you are using BRAVE or OPERA browsers, some of their "security" features have been known to suppress the correct display of some pages in TT online accounts even though the site is perfectly safe.


This can also be the case with some browser extensions and security software which are set to block pop-ups and banners which are actually required for the TT sites to display correctly.

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Phone 03451 720046 after 9am, @cfam1.


You should be able to find Chat by using it as a search term in the forum "what are you looking for?" box at the top of the page in the community. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.