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Broadband speed

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speed dropped from 40-50Mps to 10-15Mbps about 10 days ago ,it started with the connection droping randomly for a whole day.

found some time today to try to sort it,lots of promises from 4 live chats about testing my line ect

then just left hanging.So no joy.

Would anyone know how i can get a proper response from talktalk.


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Hi @jeorge1965 your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during the day so just hang in there a little longer and the oce team will sort you out 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff



The sync speed is at 15mb, this is lower than it should be.  All usual line tests are clear.


Can you check the home phone is clear of any noise or crackles.


Also, can you power off the router for a full 30 minutes then power back on.  This will not immediately increase the speed as the profile has lowered, but will start a new clean session.







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Mine is currently 3 mps from the usual 13!! Have been in text message mode with TalkTalk for about 45 mins after I phoned and did what the recorded message said!! Have got as far as given them 2 characters of my password. Meanwhile speed is too slow for me to work!! First thing I did was to reset the router!! (but not leave it off for 30 mins!!)


Update - after 3 hours on text on my phone and me having to run through hoops (e.g. password, type of  master socket, how many ports etc etc ) it was decided that my router is faukty and they are sending out a new one. Meanwhile I am pleased to report that my speed has increased dramatically so I am now able to pick emails and work on the web again11

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Thankyou @Divsec
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Thaks for your reply,ive already tried that,but no joy this started about 10 days ago when my broadband was randomly disconecting for a whole day,just thought they were maybe working on the network and things would sort itself out,but the speed droped and has not increased,after going through 4 live chats yesterday ,3 were a waste of time,the last gave me an ID number for future contact,but asked me to monitor my speeds for 48 hours.This same thing happened about 10 months ago,and they found no fault on my line so sent an enginner to check my internal equiptment ect,after doing all his tests inside and out found nothing,The problem was solved by the engineer requesting talktalk to restart/refresh my connetion there end,and yes it sorted the problem almost immediately,he couldnt understand why talktalk hadn't tried resetting my broadband connection before sending an engineer ,lol


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@OCE_KarlJust turned router off again will leave off fo 30/40 mins,👍

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jeorge1965,


Thanks for trying that. As the speed hasn't improved we can arrange an engineer visit to investigate further. If you'd like us to arrange the engineer can you confirm:

  • That you accept potential Engineers charges
  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.

I've also sent you a PM to confirm some other details 



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Thanks Chris,ive sent you all my details through personal message,

how do i make appointment for engineer,thanks

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I accept
potential Engineers charges
Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.
I wouln need a confirmed appointment as everyone in my household work,
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@ OCE_Chris,
Hi How do i get my engineer apoitment ?
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Ive been messing around with talktalk for the last 4 days trying to resolve slow speed,

I saved the last catlod because it had some important info in it,So today i opened my documents on pc,just scanned for the date,and could see 2 🤔

then i looked closer and one chat was from the same day same month but last year,

So at exactly the same day last year i was doing the exact same thing ,being driven mad by TalkTalks terrible customer service,lol!

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Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jeorge1965


What speeds are you getting?  


Can you connect to the test socket and run a speed test. 

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Im on Day 5 of TalkTalks abismal customer support,and probaly 6/7 hours of wasted time,

Been on live chat 5 times only to be asked the same things ,today i tried posting on the facebook page,i got a reply ,private message me ill help you,great i thought im getting somewhere,

Silly me,yep the same questions ,same script.The last chat i had yesterday told me this:

"When you chat us back, provide this ID: 4326424475 so that
you will be assisted immediately and you don't need to repeat yourself."

Was the ID any use ,NO same questions,it always ends with "have you got mobile data you can use as i need to run line tests and your connection will go off,come back to live chat in 20 minutes"

Guess what, when i go back to live chat the whole process starts again.Even tried on this forum ,a waste of time too,private messaged account details,a day or 2 ago ,and still no response yet.I suppose my next step is hours of my time on the phone to a call center in a foreign land hopeing we can understand each other,but i fear the same results,lol!

I'm not supprised last year TalkTalk was named the worst telecoms service by the industry watchdog Ofcom,I think there going to do the double an get the award in 2020 too.

Ive been been with taik talk many years,but when my contract is up in 5 months i will be looking for a better provider ,and as talk talk are the worst,I cant really fail to acheive that.


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what support ,ive heard nothing since,sending someone my account details they asked 2 days ago
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sorry for late reply been on chat all day,ive turned router off for an hour no change,

the connection is to master socket,even removed faceplate and connected to master test socket even though there are no extentions.

changed filter ,no change

reset router to default no change


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i was geeting 15Mbps since last week,and today 5Mbps max