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Need help?

Broadband speed


Hi @jeorge1965 if u do the at then select the person it will link them to the post like i have done with u.


they should reply next week now

Hope that help Regards Joe
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cheers mate
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Hi @OCE_Chris how can i get the engineer appoitment
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Hi @OCE_Arne 

sorry for late reply been on chat all day,ive turned router off for an hour no change,

the connection is to master socket,even removed faceplate and connected to master test socket even though there are no extentions.

changed filter ,no change

reset router to default no change

i need an engineer out,




Why are you running 3 threads at the same time ?


It is very confusing for anyone trying to follow, let alone for the OCEs !

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Topics merged.

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Why are you so confused ?

1st topic, Re: Broadband speed, a genuine request  for a little help,none received.

2nd topic,Re:Strange but true, exactly what it says,not for help just shared a weird   coincedence,me going through the same thing on exactly the same date last year.

3rd topic, Re:Day 5 of customer support ,is about my experience and opinion of the abismal talk talkcustomer support

Do you really think by posting topic 2 and 3 into the 1st would be of use for anyone trying to give me help with my broadband speed problem,i think not!


If you find my posts confusing ,just scroll on by,You Dont read them,LOL!
























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Finaly got my broadband speed sorted today,

Yesterday evening i spenr 1 1/2 hors on the phone to technical support,at first same old story from the same script,after many refusals to accept the answers,i insisted they send an engineer ,i was told i would have to pay for it and the earliest appointment was next Friday,after telling the lady i would not accept waiting a week i insisted she let me speek to her manager,after being on hold for an eternaty i spoke to a very understanding South African lady,who made me an appointment today,The engineer found no faults in my home or on the line,he sorted it exactly the same way as the engineer did when this happened 12 months ago ,he just had the my line restarted/reset and within an hour im back up to 60 Mbps,I asked the engineer could talk talk have reset the line with out sending you out, He smiled and said ,they could have but it might us engineers out of a job,lol!

I must say talk talks procedures and customer services are soo messed up its crazy,

Im so glad my contract is up in 5 months ,as i dont think it would be possible to find a worse provider,

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Hi @jeorge1965 so glad you are back up and running. You didn't mention who the engineer worked for, I'm guessing openreach and that is an issue every ISP has, openreach control the exchanges and talktalk can only request things too happen.... 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
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Thanks @Divsec
Maybe they should have requested openreach restarted the line,lol.
talktalks broadband is for most of the time stable ,which i like,but if there is a problem its an absolute nightmare to get it sorted,ive been with them a long time and thought it may improve but sadly theres been no improvement since ive been with them.
Im glad Fiber had been insalled in my area so i can have a fibre connection from the exchange all the way into my home,
But sadly i wont be going to talk talk to supply me with this fibre broadband when my contract runs out very soon,
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This sums up my experience of the support given over last 6 weeks.


Live chat, poor scripting, no continuity in call logging, no effective escalation process to 2nd and 3rd line support, shunting to 4G, cutting off etc. Wasting hours of my time and theirs, rather than identifying a problem and resolving it with proper technical support quickly.


Wireless broadband speeds up and down to very slow levels. 2 X replacement routers and now a hub. Nothing has changed within my home except the router.


Interesting that a user reset by TalkTalk is an option that seems to work.



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You summed up,the customer support perfectly,and in a lot less words than i have,Lol!

Yep ,makes me wonder how many peoples problems could be solved quickly and simply,by openreach just re-setting the line at the exchange, My speed went from 15 Mbps back to my normal 60 Mbps within 20 mins of the engineer doing it.

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Hi jeorge,


I'm really sorry that we've missed your post and thanks for the update.


Just to advise, we can optimise the speed for an ADSL connection, however we don't have the option to reset DLM for a fibre connection. With fibre we complete all our diagnostics checks and if DLM still hasn't improved the speed then we then we have to arrange an engineer visit for an engineer to investigate for any faults or why DLM hasn't improved the speed. They can then reset DLM as part of their fault investigation.