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Can not forward port 80

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I have a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Version v1.05t

I know how to forward ports and I have forwarded many ports on my Router.

However, I can not forward port 80.

Every time I try to forward port 80, I get an error "The configured port conflicts with the internal service port"

Is there anyway to fix this, other than change router?

I need to be able to forward port 80, so if I have to change router and/or ISP can anyone give me any recommendations of which Router/ISP to choose which do allow forwarding of port 80?

Richard Wright

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I take it this is the Huawei DG8041 hub. It's a known issue which has been passed on to the developers. You should be able to request a change of hub to the Sagemcom, if there is no alternative (and you don't want to buy your own 3rd party modem / router)


Normally you'd use a port redirect, but some services (such as Lets Encrypt) won't allow this. There is one thing you can try FOR EXPERIMENTAL / TEST PURPOSES ONLY, and that's to set the "Start Internal Port" of your forwarding rule to zero. This will open ALL the ports on the hub to your device, so you'd have to make sure your firewall is up to scratch.

I'm just a customer who might be able to help, not official help & support.