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Cancelling TalkTalk Contract

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I have a friend who struggles with English and is not computer literate.


He signed up for an 18 month Fibre 35 contract, he has since moved home and is still being charged for the contract. Last month he received a message stating that his charges would be increased but he did not understand the message so did not think anything of it, he was told he could cancel the service before the 25th July and avoid early termination charges. Unfortunately he needs help so the process to try to cancel the contract has been slower. I've tried ringing the helpline today thinking it would be 24 hours though seems as though it's closed.


Any help on this would be appreciated, my friend is hoping to avoid the early termination charges.


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May well be just too late, @aliasghar.


Hopefully Talktalk will show a sympathetic ear, and you can but try.


Full details of opening hours are on this page:


Staff on here, and Chat, cannot sort out cancellations,so you absolutely do need to call 03451 720046 after 9am. 


It is not open except for those on the accessibility list and sales on Sundays.


You'll need to pass ID questions. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.