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Correct type of cable to use for installation

First Timer
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Technical advice needed, please!

My current broadband provider is Virgin Media but I have recently signed up with TalkTalk and an installation engineer is booked for the end of February to effect the transfer from VM.

I want the router to be set up in the opposite corner of the room to where the standard main phone socket is located. As I'm currently having new skirting boards fitted in this room, it gives an opportunity to hide the cabling required to connect the phone line to the router. Unfortunately I have no option other than to carry out this work before the engineer's visit and this is the source of my problem.

The question is whether to pre-install ADSL or telephone cable for the 10-metre extension to the router. So far I have been unable to find a way of getting technical advice direct from TalkTalk so would be very grateful for advice from Community members with knowledge of which type of cable I should use.
Thank you


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@John_Bournemouth  EXACTLY what product (Basic Broadband/Fibre 35,65,150/Future Fibre) have you ordered from TalkTalk ?