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DLINK DSL 3780 Manual

Wizz Kid

Hi , still can't find my way round the new forum, can anyone point me in the direction of a manual for the DSL3780

I looked on help2.talktalk.... but found this

If your router is not shown above unfortunately we do not support it. For setup help please consult your manual or contact your vendor. If you are setting up your own router, you will need the TalkTalk router settings.


Cheers all , and apologies if this is elsewhere on the forum.


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TalkTalk Team



I'm really sorry for the delay in responding. The router should come with a user guide, is their something specific that you need help with?


Popular Poster

I got a complete router when an engineer replaced my 2780 router with a Dlink 3780. There wasa box,  hardware, a picture of the included hardware on the card inserts and 3 pieces of paper. No manual. The paper was: "Disposing and recycling your product", "Dlink GPL Code statement", "Dlink declaration of conformity."  If you follow links on the Talktalk site to the  Dlink 3780 Manual you will reach (download) a DLINK 2740R manual. This is  mentioned on this forum in a different thread.


Looking outside the Talktalk site gave a couple of links to Dlink 3780 Manual s with unusual link names. They look sort of TalkTalk -y by colour and font.   if you are tempted to follow them, stop, think, check the domains for probity with your security software and notice how the links have changed value while you were checking them out.  Why would good guys do that?  DO NOT follow such links in my opinion.  Dlink didn't put up manuals for the routers they make for talktalk last time I checked.  If TT & Dlink don't do the manuals, surely no-one else does.