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DLM Reset


Changed router to Archer VR600 around 2 months ago and not getting any improvement in download speed. Have checked cabling and made sure that there is only one socket being used, line filer is fitted and nothing interfering with router. Below is router output for VDSL connection: -


                                 Upstream           Downstream
Current Rate (kbps) 5782                   22391
Max Rate (kbps)      5940                   40737
SNR Margin (dB)     6.3                     18.8
Line Attenuation (dB) 42.9                 18.9


Anyway of getting the DLM reset?

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TalkTalk do not have access to DLM where fibre is concerned. What speed were you quoted by TalkTalk when you ordered the fibre?

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Talktalk dashboard says I should be getting 35mb, router says max speed available is 42mb but looks like speed is capped at 20mb. Think there were issues in the past with a bad filter causing crc errors, but errors now are single digits. Would have expected speed to increase by now. Has a similar issue at another address and it took a reset to get the speed back up. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Alexandra,


I've run a test on the line which has detected a possible fault towards the property. Does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the router at the test socket and we can re-run the line test again in this set up?




Hi, no test socket on the master socket. There were a lot of crc errors but as I said, when I changed the adsl filter and rebooted the router (archer vr600), then checked after a few hours, there were very few crc errors.


There are no slave sockets, it goes straight from master to short extension, to filter and then dect base and router. What sort of fault you seeing?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Alexandra


Thanks for your reply.


I've completed a further line test which is now clear. If the connection remains stable then DLM should start to increase the speed.


Unfortunately we can't arrange engineer visits for speed faults at the moment as we are only arranging home visits for total loss of service faults for vulnerable customers. We can raise this for an engineer visit once the lock down is over and we have more engineer availability to the property.