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Downloads ok, but web pages so so SO slow to load...

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I've been looking through this site and see this is a very common complaint. It is driving my nuts.


I had an HG633 and complained. I plugged in my own Netgear D6400 and same problem (but at least my connection stopped dropping out).


I was sent a new Sagemcom Fast 5364 and while the wifi range was better, the internet was still glitchy, dropping out and still slow to load pages and pictures.


I complained again, and was sent another Sagemcom, and I'm still having the same problem.


I can use only wifi as my master socket is in an inconvenient place for wired connection. I'm experiencing this on my Windows PC, Chromebook, iPad and android phone. And while using Firefox, IE and Chrome


As I said, I've read many posts from people complaining about the same issue, and I think it's either an issue with the routers own Beamforming or MU-MIMO software that is creating a delay, but I've also read that TalkTalk uses some sort of WiFi Optimisation on the line that only they can turn on and off.


What ever it is, I'm paying for Fibre (Advertised average speed of 38Mb, I get 23Mb!) and I'm really tired of tapping on a link and having to watch a little wheel spin while TalkTalk figures out what to do.


Can you PLEASE get my internet access to be consistent and dependable.


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Hi ukbeachbum,


Thanks for the update and please let us know if you need any assistance.





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Hi ukbeachbum,

You certainly are not alone with having BIG problems with your Talktalk router/hub. Don't forget that the advertised broadband speed will be affected by how far you are from your nearest street fibre cabinet. I am about 0.4 mile and get, at best 25Mb download vs 38Mb advertised.


I am now on my third (or is it the fourth) Sagecom broadband hub/router. It all started going pear-shaped sometime last year (2019) and after numerous phone calls and hours on the line, I eventually got Talktalk to replace the router, then it had to be replaced again as the new one was no better. I tried all sorts of things: changing the channel from 1 to 6, then 8, then 11. I tried switching off the Band 2 wifi signal, but nothing seemed to improve matters. However, the ethernet connection is absolutely OK (I have a TP-Link wifi extender plugged into my ethernet-over-mains network).


As some of the walls in my house are about 18" thick, I expect some degeredation of signal, but now, after a couple of weeks of use, the hub seems to be OK. However, saying that, the hub does occasionally need 'kicking' to get it to 'wake up'. I do this by switching one of my devices (laptop or mobile phone) to the TP-Link's wifi (different SSID and password), then returning to the hub's wifi..


The other, rather tedious way of 'waking up' the hub is to power it off and on again.


I sometimes suspect that Talktalk access the hub overnight because the next day, the channel number has changed from whatever I had set it to.


Best of luck. Just keep pestering Talktalk and use phrases such as 'not fit for purpose', etc.


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Hi Debbie and Keith,


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I had some confusion when posting this issue and thought I had deleted this thread under “Broadband” after I realised I should have posted it under “Fibre”, which I did. Under THAT thread, through a combination of turning the router off for half the day, and having WiFi Optimization turned off, something has changed and my web browsing is now fine.


Thanks for following this up though


Support Team
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Hi ukbeachbum


I'm sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults but I can see re connections on the line.


Is the router connected at the master socket/test socket or connected to an extension?






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WiFi optimisation only works with the Sagemcom when running firmware V2600 or above and will therefore have no effect on an HG633 or your Netgear.


When you get a drop out is this on the line, what happens to the lights on the front of the router? If the Netgear you will need to explain what the lights mean.


Please can you login to the router your are currently using (presumably the Netgear) and get the downstream line rate for me & then get me the results of a speed test on a wireless device.

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