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Drop off of internet & broadband

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This may be an old subject but still is current to me. This problem exists since Nov.2020. Having posted the problem in Nov.2020 had a reply from OCE_Chris. Not being computer literate I carried on resetting the WiFi Hub. Since the problem still exists but not as bad, I wrote to TalkTalk HQ  in Southampton on 16 Aug. 2021, but no  reply as yet. The finer details of the problem is; 1) Sometimes the internet drops off, no set time, not able to use computer. 2) Sometimes it’s the broadband and the Guide & Apps on the TV not available. 3) The single white light on the Hub stays on despite there being no service. 4) Everything returns to normal after pulling the power plug for 1 minute and when the red/white stops flashing , and press rest.

We are fed up with this problem so some early action would be appreciated .


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Hi Joyandpat42


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which has detected a potential fault towards the property and Openreach are requesting that we arrange an engineer visit.


Can I just check, have you recently tested with a different router at the test socket?